Saturday, August 25, 2012

Twitter Relaunch!

I've officially relaunched my Twitter account to now better reflect the content that I post on this website. So if you like what I write on here and want to see The Astro Lounge in a more portable format, then by all means give me a follow @AstroLounge101 ... every single person gets a follow back on Twitter!

For the sports fans out there I co-host a Minnesota Vikings show called 'The Purple People Podcast' so if you are into Vikings football give us a follow on Twitter @PurplePeoplePod or check us out on Facebook.

Remember the 2012 Halloween Countdown starts September 1st!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2012 Halloween Countdown!

Time for a quick Halloween Update. I have the website officially signed up to be apart of the 'Countdown to Halloween' and could not be more excited to get started. Remember that my coverage starts in September and will run for two full months. Otherwise be sure to give the link a click and check out what everyone else on the interwebz will be doing for this years Halloween.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lets Make Sponge Bob Tacos!

Sponge Bob Square Pants
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Have you guys looked at the calendar recently? We are about two weeks away from September which means the start of the 3rd annual Two Months of Halloween: 2012 Halloween Countdown. And as soon as October is finished it's right into the 2012 Christmas Countdown. From a writers perspective this is my busiest time of year by far. It also means that for the next four months everything I cover will be specifically chosen to fit within those themes. The time for side projects is quickly coming to a close.

Therefore, let's make some Sponge Bob Tacos. Why not, I mean the time for crazy stupid stuff is now. Plus it looked entertaining enough when I was walking through the store. Don't believe me? Check out the top of the box:

Sponge Bob Square Pants
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This is officially the greatest set of instructions to ever exist. I dare you to tell me otherwise and if you find something better... keep it to yourself, because I don't want to know about it. 

Seaworthy Tacos is one of those phrases that will forever be etched into my memory yet will never again have any sort of practical usage. Therefore, I'm going to use it a bunch of times to conclude this paragraph. You only live once and Rome was not built in a day. Seaworthy Tacos. Seaworthy Tacos. Seaworthy Tacos.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Toys -- Ripcord Launch Action Plane

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I do not know about you guys but I could not be more ready for summer to be over than what I am right now. It's welcome has clearly been overstayed, proof by the fact that we went an entire month in which the temperature hit triple digits. It has been so uncomfortably hot outside I have not even been able to enjoy some of the fun things this time of year typically has to offer. Things like garage sales, flea markets, crappy 4th of July fireworks, and mixing up packages of Kool-Aid.

Everyone has been regulated to basically sitting inside under the AC and waiting for the heat to break. I've been taking it one step further and secretly wanting to start this years 2012 Halloween Countdown a month earlier in order to deal with being cooped up for so long.

But I still have a few pieces I want to wrap up before I dedicate the rest of the year to Halloween and Christmas. Chief among them, this poorly neglected Ripcord Launch Action Plane that I picked up all the way back in April. Summer Toys was a fun little off-shoot series that I started in which I would spend a couple thousand words dedicated to those kind of cheap kind of crappy toys that get released in early spring time and then quickly vanish from store shelves.

I really liked writing those entries and for the life of me cannot remember why I never got around to finishing this one. Considering that I just finished up Christmas in July and still have a few weeks before I have to dive into the 'Two Months of Halloween: 2012 Halloween Countdown' this seems like as good of time as any to finish this article. Be sure to click on to read about the Ripcord Launch Action Plane!