Christmas in July -- Day Twenty Three

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On the twenty third day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

A Christmas Tree! At times it has been easy to forget that technically this Advent Calendar is supposed to have a Christmas theme based around it. This tree is only one of two items in the set that really relate to the holiday... and I absolutely love it. While I am not sure what I will be doing with the rest of the figures and ships (currently they are all labeled and ziplocked) I can guarantee you that this Lego Christmas Tree will come out each and every year and go on display someplace in my house. I absolutely love it.

This also means that we are one day away from opening up the final gift of the 2011 Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar! The suspense was sort of ruined by the front of the box... we already know what it will be. But that does not mean it will be any more epic! Yoda dressed up in a Santa suit!


  1. What I love the most is not Xmas itself. It is those two or three weeks before Xmas what I really really enjoy. It is the ornaments, the spectations, the promise of toys... when Xmas cames and goes the magic simply dissapears :(

    1. I agree. It seems the older you get the more you learn to appreciate the buildup to Christmas just as much as the actual holiday itself. It is just a fun time of year. I am really looking forward to the holidays this year!


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