Christmas in July -- Day Twenty Four

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On the twenty fourth day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

Yoda! And not just any Yoda figure, but one dressed up as Santa Claus! This my friends is clearly the best figure in the set, bar none. Everything about him is just fantastic, from the fact that he actually is smaller than the other Lego figures, to his head mold (which is a type of rubber as opposed to hard plastic). I really love the way he is dressed in a Santa suit, complete with packages and everything.

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For every ship that I could not quite identify. To every item that seemed kind of crappy. It was all totally worth it just for these two toys. What I have here is something that I will set out every holiday season and get enjoyment out of. If you have kids, they are going to love these last two items. So much so that it really does make the rest of the set sort of suck in comparison. Sure it had lots of cool Star Wars related toys but noplace near the amount of Christmas flavor that it should have had. I wish more of the set would have featured items like this. It would have made everything feel so much more... special.

Anyhow, this will wrap up the first annual Christmas in July coverage here at the website. I hope you guys enjoyed all these quick little posts throughout the month. I will be returning to some more 'traditional' Summer posts for the time being but before long... it will be time to start with the 2012 Halloween Countdown and the annual 'Two Months of Halloween' coverage!