Christmas in July -- Day Thirteen

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On the thirteenth day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

R2-Q5! I have a feeling that if you did a poll amongst casual Star Wars fans as to there favorite characters, that R2-D2 would rank up towards the top. I have yet to meet someone who did not like that little droid and as you can see... this is clearly not R2-D2. Instead we have R2-Q5, who you will probably remember from... umm... well I'm not really sure what we are supposed to remember R2-Q5 from.

I think it is sort of a missed opportunity here. The obvious choice would have been to include R2-D2, maybe even stick a Christmas wreath on him or something. R2-Q5 is not a bad edition to the 2011 Advent Calendar (we'll get to that one in a couple days) but I would have much preferred R2-D2.