Christmas in July -- Day Six

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On the sixth day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calender gave to me...

Chewbacca! After a slow start I think it is safe to say that the Advent Calender is starting to pick up speed.Out of all the many different Star Wars characters, I think it is safe to say that Chewbacca is my favorite. I was quite pleased when I opened up the sixth door and found him sealed in a little plastic bag.

After putting him together (which was really only three pieces. Legs, body, and that big head piece with the attached body fur) ... I was a tad bit disappointed with the build quality on this figure. The details are not really that defined, you cannot even see his eyes. His arms only extend up about half way, due to the oversized  body fur piece. And he is not very sturdy. But hey.... its still CHEWBACCA! Despite all of that, he'll still be one of my favorite Lego figures from this set.