Christmas in July -- Day Seven

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On the seventh day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

... a random barrel full of weapons and a crossbow? Wait a minute... this is no ordinary barrel full of wrenches and crossbows, this belongs to CHEWBACCA!!!!

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Yep, we have our first instance of two different days items directly tying into one another. After a slow start, seven days into the calendar Lego is starting to bring out the big guns. Literally. Included in day number seven's festive box of death is a crossbow, an ax, a oversized wrench, and a barrel to stick everything in.

Sort of filler material because they honestly could have given us all of this stuff with the Chewbacca figure as apart of the #6 gift. But it is fun to have two different days gifts directly correlate with one another like this. So it all sort of works out in the end. Besides, anything related to Chewbacca is an instant win.