Christmas in July -- Day One

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On the first day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

Republic Cruiser! The first of many different kinds of ships, of which we will be seeing all different kinds of variations throughout the month. For a first day gift it does not really make all that much of an impression. It might have been wiser to open the set up with something a bit more recognizable within the Star Wars universe, maybe even give away one of the Lego Minifigures would have been the way to go.

Still does not stop it from being fun to put together. Which it was, despite the directions not being crystal clear on exactly what piece goes wear. Speaking of which, not pictured is the three extra pieces that were included but did not actually go to anything. Another theme that will run all throughout the Advent Calendar will be just that, extra pieces. Enough of them to build a very strange looking extra ship.

I guess Lego knows damn well that no matter how cool some of the later ships will end up looking, ultimately every kid will get bored with them and take them apart and mix them up with all the thousands of other Lego pieces they own. Might as well give them enough extra pieces throughout the month to play with to at least make sure this Republic Cruiser stays together long enough to have Christmas dinner with Yoda, before getting smashed up against a wall.