Christmas in July -- Day Five

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On the fifth day of Christmas in July the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar gave to me...

Slave I! Yes that is correct, day number five has given us Boba Fett's ship! Or at least it is supposed to be Boba Fett's ship. This particular piece gave me probably the most issues of anything I put together in this set. I'm still sort of pissed off looking at it now.

Normally I would not care but this is Slave I we are talking about here. Boba Fett's ship deserves better than how I have built it here but it is not entirely my fault. For starters there was like five extra parts included with this set. And I refused to not use each and every one of them. 

Then the instructions basically chose not to include the entire middle section or bottom half of the ship. Leaving me to just sort of guess how things are supposed to go together. I gave it the old college try and sadly this was the best I could do.

Still does not look correct. Poor ship. Boba Fett, will you ever forgive me?


  1. We are celebrating Christmas in July at the Office, like we have in years past. I always think it is hilarious to watch people's faces as they come into the lobby and it is fully decorated with tree, garland, lights, and the works. It might be 103 outside, but Bing Crosby wants a White one. Awesome . . .

    1. I agree 110% ! We had about two weeks of super hot humid weather and I took to posting Christmas photos and Christmas music onto facebook. Reminding everyone how much better the holidays are than sweating to death outside during these hot summer months.

      Also, I don't know if you have a 'Hobby Lobby' chain of stores anyplace near were you live. If you do you should check them out... they are setting up a huge Christmas section. I was just in one yesterday and they had about five full isles set up with ornaments and stuff. All the while clearing space for the trees and lights. Its exciting! =)


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