Quick Reminder

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Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the beginning of 'Christmas in July' here at the Astro Lounge. We will be spending the next 24 days looking at the 2011 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and maybe a few other Christmas surprises in between.

And speaking of Christmas, I was out at the local shopping mall the other day and found not one but two different stores that had started setting out holiday decorations. Mostly it was just the small ceramic Santa Claus statutes, a few reindeer and elves. Hallmark had some discounted ornaments from 2011 that they stuck back out with a huge 80% off sign above them. I am assuming they are getting ready to start selling the new 2012 ones and are trying to make room.

The biggest surprise came from the Hobby Lobby store, which was smack dab in the middle of setting out a full fledged Christmas section. Complete with lights, trees, ornaments... the works. If its red or green and flashed it was going up. As a matter of fact they had about five isles filled with holiday merchandise going and  clearly had plans to add in even more.

Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I honestly do not mind seeing a few of the 'mall sized' stores putting out early decorations. Its the huge sections coming up this early in the year that bother me. I cannot help but be reminded of that scene (pictured above) from 'It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown' in which the Peanuts Gang finds the local shopping mall completely covered with Christmas decor.

Either way 'Christmas in July' is ready to go and I am excited to start sharing these posts with everyone. Once we are through the month of July... it will (almost) be time to start the 2012 Halloween Countdown!