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Dark Knight Rises
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When 'The Dark Knight' was released in theaters back in 2008 the film had quite a viral campaign behind its release. If you are into that kind of thing there was all sorts of promotional stuff that came out in correlation with its release. Because of all of that, the film still has one of my favorite marketing campaigns of all time. 

The thing about viral marketing though, is that you have to sort of actively seek out the items which are released. It is fun and a unique way to celebrate the release of a film but it lacks a bit of the excitement that comes with walking into a store and accidentally finding something with your favorite film characters stuck onto the side of it.

With the impending release of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Warner Brothers is set to correct that mistake by forming a partnership with Mountain Dew and releasing a limited edition soft drink, Dark Berry Dew, to go in conjunction with the films theatrical release.

Dark Knight Rises
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And what Mountain Dew has created is most definitely something special. This is not your run of the mill soft drink partnership, in which the name of a product gets haphazardly thrown onto the side of a bottle and it is called a day. Nope, what we have here is a fully formed and realized alternative brand of soda. One that looks very cool and actually manages to taste equally as well.

For starters, this is hands down the most beautiful looking soda I have ever photographed. Never have I been so pleased to be using a $600 digital camera to take pictures of a $1.50 plastic bottle than what I am right now. I feel like it truly does capture the very essence of what makes Dark Berry Dew so visually pleasing.

The color of this soda is something straight out of a science fiction film. To simply call it blue is a flat out injustice to the drink. It is more than that, its like seventeen colors all rolled up into one depending on what angle your looking at it and what lighting conditions you are in.

Just looking at it straight on and you'll think its just your average dark soda, black with a slightly blue hue. Hold it up to a light source watch in amazement as Dark Berry Dew does its best transformer impression and its color scheme completely shifts to a dark purple / blue scheme that is sort of see through but not quite. All the while doing a fantastic job of reflecting light around inside of it. 

Yes, I just spent four full paragraphs talking about the color of Mountain Dew.

Dark Knight Rises
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As soon as you get over the way this drink is colored, the next thing that will draw you in is its label. Entirely done up in black and white. As a soda collector, I am pretty sure this is the first time Mountain Dew has done almost an entire label in black and white. I cannot emphasize that enough... black and white!

Folks, this is Mountain Dew we are talking about here. Even when they shy away from the traditional neon green that is associated with the brand it is usually replaced some other equally neon color. Live Wire and Code Red are two of the brightest shades of orange and red that you are likely to find. Nothing on this soda is brightly colored and somehow, that is what makes it stand out from all the other traditional looking color schemes that surround it.

I love, love, love Dark Berry Dew. Finding it for sale is like finding some long lost child that I had years ago which never knew existed. And to make up for lost time, I feel the need to cut off the kids head and drink his delicious berry flavored insides ... or something to that effect. I probably shouldn't have kids. Though it is worth noting that Dark Berry Dew tastes as good as it looks. Sometimes these 'limited edition' flavors tend to look nice but taste like your Uncle Phil pissed in a 20 oz bottle and it accidentally got put on the shelf of your local 7-11. That is not the case here, Dark Berry Dew is well worth working into your regular drinking rotation.

If I had to rank this soda flavor up against Mountain Dew's previous efforts, I would put this one right up into the same category as Pitch Black. It really is that damn good. I strongly suggest going to your local gas station and purchasing as much of this stuff as possible. A little research tells me that Dark Berry Dew is going to be limited to an eight week run on store shelves. Then it is going to be gone forever. So get out their and get ahold of some while you can. This is not something you will want to miss out on!

Dark Knight Rises


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