Christmas in July -- A Prologue

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry.... Christmas? No your eyes do not deceive you this is indeed a holiday smack dab in the middle of the year. I have been periodically teasing everyone about a new themed countdown that will be taking place throughout July and am pleased to present "Christmas in July! The Star Wars Advent Calendar!" It's Star Wars. It's Legos. It's Christmas. It is everything I love wrapped up into one awesome package! But before the countdown officially begins I wanted to do a small Q&A "prologue" post to get everyone up to speed and ready for the festivities begin, starting on July 1st.

Why do a Christmas in July theme?
  • Most people (ie: normal folk) only celebrate Christmas in November and December but there are a select few of us who are just outright crazy about the holiday and will celebrate it at any and every opportunity. Christmas in July is indeed a real phenomenon, proof by the fact that it has its own Wikipedia page. And anything with its own Wiki must indeed be true. I've always wanted to get in on the Christmas in July fun but never found a creative way to do so until now.
Why use the 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar?
  • I think the better question is why not use the Star Wars Advent Calendar? Its something fun, easy to cover, and combines three of my favorite things together as one. The longer answer here is that I originally purchased the 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar as something that I was going to cover during the websites 'Christmas Countdown', but ended up deciding against it. Mostly because if I would have started to write about this daily, I never would have gotten around to writing all the other articles that I enjoy doing that time of year. Instead of trying to juggle this calendar and everything else, I simply chose not to use it.
Will July only have Star Wars Advent Calendar items in it?
  • No. As a matter of fact that is a big part of the reason why I chose to do it now instead of last winter. You see I really beat myself thin, starting with "Two Months of Halloween" in September and October, then going right into the "Christmas Countdown" in November and December. Unless I plan way far in advance, I don't really have time to write articles ahead of time. However here in the middle of the summer, I'm not really rushed to cover four hundred things at one time, I can take a break between articles and work ahead to get bigger 'event pieces' such as this one done. As of this prologue piece I have finished drafts of every article already done. Its just a matter of me logging in each day and clicking "publish". Therefore, I will still be able to keep a normal routine of posting "Summer Toys" and other summer related items going on throughout the month.
Will this be a yearly countdown that happens?
  • Like everything else, it depends. This website has sort of grown organically over the years. I only write about, and will only ever write about, things that I love. But I am starting to find a bit of a 'groove' for how things work. "Christmas in July" seems like something that I will enjoy doing for years to come. So long as I enjoy doing it and people enjoy reading it I do not see any reason why it will stop.
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Now that we are all on the same page, let's kick off the first annual Christmas in July! This year we are going to take a look at 2011's Star Wars Advent Calendar. Which features an impressive looking box that is about four times the size it needs to be... but that is part of the fun of Advent Calendars. They are always a little bit bigger and seem a little grander than they actually are.

For those of you who have never heard of an 'Advent Calendar' before allow me to explain how they work. This big box folds open to revile a series of sealed flaps. Each flap has a different number on the front it if, one through twenty four to be exact. These numbers correspond with the day of the month, so on December 1st you open the flap marked with a "one" on the front of it. Then on December 2nd you open the one with the "two" ... so on and so fourth until you reach Christmas Day.

Behind each flap you will receive some small gift. Depending on the calendar it can range anyplace from  pieces of chocolate to bars of soap. In the case of the more modern "commercial" calendars they tend to be small toys. This one is obviously comprised of Star Wars themed Lego toys.

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Lego has been selling Advent Calendars for years now. While the themes change from year to year, sometimes its construction equipment, sometimes its pirates, this time its Star Wars. One thing manages to always stay the same. December 24th gives you a Santa Claus figure. 2011 was no different... except the motherfucker is an EXCLUSIVE YODA MINIFIGURE!

Ladies and Gents that is not just a statement but quite possibly the statement to end all statements. Not only do we have a Lego Yoda figure to look forward to but we have a Lego Yoda figure dressed up as friggin' Santa Claus. We have ourself a Christmas miracle in July, folks. His name is Yoda Claus.

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Here is our Advent Calendar with its top flap opened. It presents an epic scene of Star Wars related mayhem, one in which the Death Star has a gigantic Christmas Bow tied around it! Words cannot describe how awesome this thing is. You see all those numbered flaps? Those are the ones that we will be opening all throughout July. So be sure to check back... Christmas in July officially begins on July 1st!