Happy Halfoween!

Happy Halfoween everyone! What is that... you say you have never heard of 'Halfoween' before? Allow me to explain. May 1st is the date in which we reach the half way point between last years Halloween and this yeas coming Halloween. So as of today we have exactly 182 days left until the most unholy of holidays arrives.

For those of us who really get into the season, reaching the half way point is a pretty big deal. It means that it is time to get working on new decorations and start finalizing plans for yard haunts and other things of the sort. 182 days might seem like a long ways off but I assure you once you hit the half way mark time just seems to fly by.

Besides, with the way most retail chains like to start setting out merchandise for the coming holidays sooner and sooner every year, I half expect to find the first signs of the coming Halloween season by the end of July.

So how does one go about celebrating Halfoween? The easiest way is probably to watch a couple of your favorite horror movies tonight. And roasting pumpkin seeds to eat during your favorite scary movies is a fun, festive alternative to popcorn. I know some people who plan ahead and do costume parties on Halfoween, even going so far as to stick out a couple lawn decorations for the day. It is really all up to you.

For anyone interested in joining in on some year round Halloween discussion, I run a facebook group called "Halloween Fanatics" ... it has turned into a fun group were like minded individuals can get together and talk about their favorite aspects of the season. From scary movies to haunted houses, prop building, ghost stories, and anything else you can imagine. It is an open group and I encourage anyone reading this who is interested in Halloween to join up!

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