2012 Summer Jukebox!

Hey guys, quick update time. As you can see we are well under way with the "2012 Summer Season" here at the Astro Lounge! I've been having lots of fun writing the "Summer Toys" articles and plan on posting more of those from now until September. Mixed in with those there will be other Summer related pieces as well as a special July Countdown that I think everyone will enjoy.

So with that in mind, today seems like as good of day as any to officially launch the 2012 version of the Summer Jukebox! I spend much more time with this version of the jukebox than I did last year when I first launched it and I think it shows. I was able to find many more songs that actually have "summer" in the title or more directly relate to the season. On top of that I posted a bunch of 'one hit wonder' songs from the 1990s, just kind of a personal belief of mine but I relate a lot of those songs to being a kid and listing to them on my old boombox stereo during summer vacation.

I know that I enjoy the playlist and hopefully you all do too. I've posted a quick link in this post but you can view the Summer Jukebox, along with the Christmas and Halloween versions, all year long on the page marked "Jukeboxes!" up above.

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