Butterfly Cakes Sort of Seem Like Easter!

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Easter is officially over. I know because Target has already discounted its once proud section and shoved the remaining bits into the largest 50% off dump bin they could find. I made one last glancing look and seen a few things that I could have wrote about... but figured I would save any of those ideas for next year. Instead I left with Butterfly Cakes.

Here is the kicker, they were not even apart of the 50% off madness. Nope, this is just your normal every day garden variety "new" item. I use that word loosely because in all reality there is not much new about them. They are the same Little Debbie cakes we have all eaten countless times in the past. The only thing that ever really changes is the design. Sometimes they look like butterflies, sometimes they look like flowers, on really good days they are shaped like Christmas Trees and I go bat shit crazy over them.

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Butterflies are not going to send anybody into a frenzy like what Christmas Tree Cakes will. Instead they end up being one of the many spring or summer items that just sort of falls short in capturing the same enjoyment that I get out of the real seasonal items associated with the end of the year holidays.With that said, if you squint hard enough and sort of tilt your head to the side... Butterfly Cakes look a hell of a lot like the symbol that the Ultimate Warrior paints on his face. That is both strange and epic at the same time.

In an attempt to reach the 'two paragraph minimum' that I like to stick to underneath ever photo that I post, I figure I will let you guys know what is coming up next here at The Astro Lounge, because quite frankly I have ran out of things to say about Butterfly Cakes. Within the immediate future I have three articles that relate to the Summer Season. I do not want to give away exactly what they are but I will say that two of them are some pretty cool toys, and the third is a new kind of beverage that is out on the market. One that can only truly be enjoyed during the summer months.

Beyond that I have a whole white board full of summer articles that will be spread out from now until September, in which time the 2012 Halloween Countdown will start. But I do not want to even begin to start letting those ideas out yet. What I can talk about is a new themed month that will be taking place, staring on July 1st and running throughout the month. It is a bit different than anything I have done in the past and will not interfere with the Summer Season articles the way that Fangoria February accidentally did. I will be posting more details about this new themed month when the time is right, but until then look forward to something fun that's coming in July!


  1. You and your cakes. Those are looking quite yummy to me.

    1. Its mostly an attempt to fill the void left behind when I can no longer purchase Christmas Tree Cakes!


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