Spring Oreo's!

As we near the middle part of February I am not afraid to admit that I would love nothing more than to be sitting here drinking a big cup of hot chocolate, with a package of Christmas Tree Cakes, and 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' playing quietly off in the background. What can I say, I love the holidays and letting go of them after watching this last season fly by hasn't been fun. It all felt fabricated and rushed. Like going through the motions but never truly being the real holiday season. But even I know that its time to pack those thoughts away and come back to them at a much later date.

And there is no better way to pack away visions of late December holiday nights than with Spring Oreo's! For me February is a month all about change. Halloween is the furthest thing from my mind and Christmas has finally (almost) slipped its way out as well. Its getting closer to the time in which everyone's focus shifts to spring and summer weather. As a matter of fact today when I went to the store the very same isle that housed XMAS decorations a little more than two weeks ago had been completely transformed into the gardening section. Its sort of nice to know that if I wanted to buy peat moss in February I sure as shit can. Now if only I knew what people do with peat moss we would be in business.

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More proof that spring is close to springing into action is the fact that Spring Oreo's are now available on store shelves. Oreo's have sort of turned into the unofficial thing that I use to start talking about the beginning of most seasons. What can I say, Nabisco is really on top of things and somehow always manages to be among the first to get their seasonal products out for sale before anyone else does. Even when there is not really a season to go along with it. I mean who here sits around and actually waits for spring to come? Summer... I can understand that one but spring, I call foul on anyone who waits in anticipation for it to be slightly warmer, really rainy and extremely muddy outside.

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I am sure you guys know the routine for seasonal Oreo's by now. The formula has not changed in years, though it does seem like they have applied to just about anything that qualifies as a season these days. What we have here is Oreo cookies in some sort of festive package with neon colored filling (that still tastes the same as the original white colored filling) and five different shapes stamped on top of the cookies. To motivate us all into thinking that spring is fun we can now eat cookies with a buzzing bee, a smiling sun, what appears to be a flower, a frog, and a bee landing on a flower with the text "Happy Spring" beside it. Its no Jack-O-Lantern and its surely no Santa Claus but at least it is something. Spring Oreo's serve as tangible proof that the seasons are changing and soon the cold winter winds will be replaced with a nice summer breeze.

... and then we can start counting down the days until Halloween and Christmas again. =)


  1. I still have Halloween on the brain because that bottom right cookie looks like it has a spider web design. Just sayin'...


    1. Well I'll be... it does look like a spider web. I bet they just altered the Halloween design to make it look kind of like a flower and just assumed nobody would notice. Good catch =)


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