Fangoria February - Win an 8 Foot Predator!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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Fangoria has ran some interesting promotions and sold some questionable products over the years. Most of the time you'll see full or half page spreads for stuff like Freddy Krueger masks and generic horror movie t-shirts. Occasionally there would be a contest to win a free makeup FX kit or something along those lines. And then we have this Predator Contest, which seems like 100% Grade-A Bullshit.

What is the Predator Contest you ask? Well it is a chance to win an authentic 8-foot Predator that supposedly retails for over $5,000. Of course they never specific exactly what they mean when they say "authentic 8-foot Predator". Could it be a Predator statue? Maybe. How about a Predator costume? Possibly. It could even be interpreted that you are entering to win an actual living breathing Predator. My money is on none of the above, I actually don't think anybody ever won anything. We'll get into that here in a minute. 

Let's instead focus on the actual advertisement. You can see how open ended the contest is worded to begin with. There is also no real photograph of the item you are trying to win present anyplace on this page. Instead they appear to have photoshopped some guy standing in an actual Predator costume from the film smack dab into the middle of the page. Somehow I highly doubt they where giving away a guy in a costume.

The car in the background? Ignore it. That doesn't have anything to do with anything. Wondering how you enter the contest? Well call that 900 number (note to readers: please don't actually call that 900 number) and then you will be given a "hot Halloween tip" to listen to.... then you have to answer a Halloween trivia question... then if you answer that correctly you will be entered to win this non-existent 8 foot Predator item that isn't really clearly identified what it even is. Sound like fun yet?

Did I mention it costs $1.95 a minute? That explains the hot tip and the trivia question. The whole point of this thing is to keep you on the line for as long as possible thus racking up as high of charge as possible on your phone bill. You want to know what the sad thing is, Fangoria probably pulled in a small fortune selling people on the idea of winning an 8-foot Predator something-or-other. And you know what... I really don't blame them one bit. Lots of magazines run lots of contests that when you spend more than fifteen seconds looking at, aren't really possible to win. Sometimes a magazine has to do what a magazine has to do and if selling advertisement space for a slightly dishonest Predator contest is part of what has kept Fangoria alive for all these years. I am totally alright with it.