Fangoria February - Nightmare Before Christmas!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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Here we have two very cool advertisements for Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas. Up first is a full page spread featuring Jack Skellington being accompanied by the text "Coming to Theaters This Fall". I really like the look of this page. It is simple in both its color scheme and design, keeping both to a bare minimum. The only thing I would have liked to have seen was just a little bit more of a Christmas influence thrown into it, to really drive home the point of the film. Otherwise its a very cool advertisement whose simple design really stuck out when doing a quick flip through the magazine.

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The second full page advertisement is for Lock, Shock, and Barrel. An interesting choice of characters to follow up Jack Skellington. Personally, and considering that this is running in the middle of a Fangoria book, I would have went with Oggie Boogie and tried to make him look as disgusting as possible. But that's just me. There is nothing wrong with choosing these three characters to highlight. They translate really well to a simplistic black and white drawing and do provide an interesting contrast to Jack (whose advertisement came placed two pages before this one).

I really dig these Nightmare Before Christmas full page advertisements. Its easy to look back at the film now that it has become a cult classic and sort of expect to see these here. However when you put it into perspective, Fangoria was taking a bit of a risk by promoting this flick. After-all its a musical stop motion animation film about a skeleton who dressed up as Santa Claus. Not exactly the same thing as Freddy or Jason hacking and slashing helpless teenagers to bits. But here they are and I am glad that Fangoria took a chance and promoted this film!