Fangoria February - Michael Myers Lives!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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Old advertisements are the best. Any time I get an older magazine or comic book the first thing I do is flip through the pages and see what products had everyone's attention twenty five years ago (or however old the book may be). Fangoria is basically void of any real "advertisement" advertisements... things like cars, now defunct flavors of soda, and the ever illusive early cigarette promos. But they more than make up for it by having full page spreads dedicated to whatever that years biggest horror films were.

Little mini teaser posters, if you will. Its easy to take for granted how much access we have to the movie industry these days. We get announcements for coming films often times years before they will ever hit theaters, up to the minute casting news comes at us via official twitter streams, entire plots and scripts sometimes leak out onto the internet, and it is very easy to find set photos of your favorite up and coming film. There was a period of time where none of this existed and the only way you learned about the latest films was from coverage by magazines like Fangoria. Point in case, this awesome 'MICHAEL MYERS LIVES!' spread for Halloween 5.

Its sort of a no-brainier that the Halloween franchise would continue on past the fourth installment... but then again you never quite know. I can imagine lots of Halloween fans flipping through this magazine and being ecstatic upon seeing this text. Halloween has long been my favorite of the 70's / 80's horror movie franchises and I am not afraid to admit that I really loved the way part 4 and 5 created there own story and attempted to develop there own mythology for Michael Myers. Had production values been kept higher and had the studio not insisted on mucking up part 6, I actually think the franchise was headed in a very cool direction.

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The other half of the page fulfills the books monthly quota of finding stuff to sell you. Here we have some official Halloween 5 collectors items. Take a look at those prices, only $5.00 for a hat! The one that has me really interested is the official Halloween 5 Satin Jacket. Keeping in mind that not a single person has ever looked presentable while wearing a satin jacket, I would totally love to own an official Halloween 5 one.

Halloween 5 was just one of the many films that got the full page treatments throughout the years. You'll find spreads for everything from Hellraiser to the latest Friday the 13th flick and even some lesser known films managed to get this sort of treatment. I always enjoyed pages like these, they provided quick ways to see what was right around the corner and were a great way to get excited about the latest horror films.


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    If you're still interested in getting a Halloween 5 Satin jacket I do have one!


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