Fangoria February - Mandroid!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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I've spent quite a bit of time talking about all the big important stuff that Fangoria covered over the years, but it is worth pointing out that even some of the really strange low budget stuff managed to work its way between the books pages. Point in case, a film from 1993 called "Mandroid".

"In his hidden laboratory deep in Russia, Dr. Karl Zimmer has invented the Mandroid, a humanoid robot which follows the motions of a man in a special control suit. He has offered the invention to the USA, who have sent Smith and Wait from the CIA for inspection. However Zimmer's partner Drago has different plans, wants to sell Mandroid to the military. The night he tries to steal Mandroid, he becomes exposed to the highly toxic Superconn. But he can flee and won't give up on Mandroid, even though he's terribly disfigured"

Chances are you have never heard of the film. There is good reason. It sucks. I know because I for some reason own a VHS copy of 'Mandroid'. The actual film is not the important thing to focus on here, what is important is that Fangoria never thought films like 'Mandroid' were 'below' the type of content they liked to put in the magazine. You can debate about the quality of the film all you want... but this was 1993 and there wasn't much for horror films in the early 1990s. 'Mandroid' was a horror flick and therefore got its equal share of time in the book. I think its really awesome that after all these years, Fangoria managed to keep a level head about things.


  1. Maybe Mandroid can have a crossover with Mansquito!


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