Fangoria February - Freddy's Domination!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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Part of the reason why I love these old Fangoria books so much is because flipping through the pages is sort of like opening up a time capsule and seeing what films everyone was interested in twenty five years ago. Fangoria is filled with plenty of stuff that we now consider to be classics but also has lots of little lost gems that nobody talks about anymore. And then there was that not-so-brief period of time that Fangoria became completely obsessed with Freddy Kruger. So much so that when you look at these old issues you can see a definite split in the times. Pre-Nightmare on Elm Street and Post-Nightmare on Elm Street.

Freddy Kruger dominated the pages of Fangoria for quite a long stretch of time. Most of the time they found a way to make him the cover story... if that didn't work at the very least you could expect to find his imagine on some smaller thumbnail image located on the front of the book. And when all else failed, just stick Freddy Kruger on there regardless of whatever else the issue was about. The Bloody Best of Fangoria just sort of sticks him on there front and center. Why? Because they can and because Freddy sold.

Believe you me, Freddy Kruger sold. Never has there been a character that has crossed over from horror into mainstream pop culture quite like Freddy. Considering this is a character who killed children and haunted people in there dreams, it was sort of strange how he got mass marketed. Robert Englund (as Kruger) would appear on talk shows, radio, magazine covers, he had his own rap album, and if memory serves me correctly I believe there was even a cartoon series and a spin-off TV show.

Everyone cashed in on the Kruger craze of the late 80s and Fangoria was no different. And honestly out of all the products that Freddy got whored out to over the years... him appearing on the cover of a horror movie magazine a bunch of times was one of the few that made the most sense.