Fangoria February -- Freddy Krueger Mask!

Fangoria February is a month long celebration dedicated to the grooviest horror movie magazine ever created... FANGORIA!
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As you will soon see later on this month, Freddy Krueger practically owned the late 1980s.  I don't think there has ever been a horror movie character that has crossed over into mainstream pop culture quite like Fred Krueger did. Seriously this guy was all over everything. So it is not really surprising that Fangoria took it upon themselves to plaster The Kruege all over their magazines whenever they got a chance. After-all if it was Robert Englund's makeup engulfed face that people wanted to look at than Fangoria was more than happy to oblige.

You can also bet that Fangoria found plenty of ways to sell Freddy Krueger merchandise. Freddy was a merchandising machine. I could write from now until 2017 and probably not cover all the unique and often times strange items that had Freddy Krueger on (or in) them. This hat and mask combo was pretty early on in Freddy's merchandising stage and therefore isn't really all that odd of an item. It makes sense that Fangoria would cater to the Halloween crowd and sell a replica mask of everyone's favorite horror icon. Which sold for a surprisingly low $29.99. I am sort of impressed, actually. In today's market that mask alone would retail for probably double this listed price and the hat would be an extra $20. Plus it would probably fall apart three hours after you put it on.

As for this vintage Freddy mask, I have this really strong feeling that the picture of the item is probably not the same mask that you would get in the mail if you ordered one. I don't have any way of knowing this for sure, but I have had plenty of experience with Halloween masks and I can tell you that it is a rare occasion when what you get actually looks like what you ordered.

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Its hard to say what this exact Freddy Krueger mask would look like. Here is a fairly cheap representation being sold on today's market. It gives you an idea of sorts as to what the product probably looked like. Of course who knows, maybe this was the highest quality Freddy mask ever produced and Fangoria was so awesome that they sold it for the lowest price imaginable. I doubt it but you never know.

The vintage Freddy hat and mask combo is just a small sampling of the many Freddy Krueger related items that can be found within the pages of Fangoria. A little bit later on this month I have a couple more Freddy related pieces that I will be posting but I don't want to spend to much time with this one character. After-all Fangoria February is a celebration of all the awesome things this magazine provided and while Freddy was a big part of there success he wasn't the only thing. But he was most definitely one of the magazines more prominent figures!