... and thats a wrap!

Thanks for being apart of Fangoria February!
Well folks looking at the date on the calendar it seems that February has come to pass and with it will end our month long celebration of all things Fangoria. I hope you guys found at least a couple of the articles interesting and fun to read. I sure know that I had a blast looking through all these old books and picking out my favorite parts of them. I am fairly confident that I will revisit Fangoria February next year as there is still plenty of interesting things that I did not get a chance to cover.

March will be a return to a more traditional style of posting were, among other things, we are going to take a look at another crazy comic book, some odd trading cards, and probably start with some lead into the 2012 Summer Season here at The Astro Lounge. Here is a quick recap of all the posts that I did for Fangoria February: