Rold Gold Peppermint Snowflakes!

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Nearing the end of January means a lot of things. Lots of snow, lots of ice, and lots of hot pink Valentines Day crap. Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike Valentines Day? It is just a dumb holiday created by retail stores to sell you a bunch of junk that you'll throw in the garbage on February 15th.

It is everything that Charlie Brown was talking about during his big speech towards the end of Charlie Brown Christmas. Over commercialized and with no true meaning.

To counter this neon nightmare I always like to look for those last few remaining signs of the holiday season. The beauty of Christmas is just how long most places are willing to dedicate precious real estate to it. Even with the threat of Valentines Day pushing its way in, Christmas will still find a way to survive. The larger sections are all but gone by now but look hard enough and you'll still be able to find its presence for at least another month.

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So I know what your probably thinking, that I have found a way to make another Christmas post in what is now becoming insanely past the 25th of December. Well... not really. It only kind of resembles Christmas. I consider this more of a winter item than a Holiday one. After all there is no mention of the holly jolly xmas man on it, the package does not have any "to" or "from" sections and it is not overly red or green. Therefore I cannot classify this as a Christmas item, its a winter themed product. Technicality is on my side. It always is.

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Peppermint Flavored White Fudge Coated Pretzels shaped like snowflakes? Yea this is exactly the kind of pick-me-up that I love finding in late January. It was during this same trip that I realized that Holiday Egg Nogg and Siera Mist Cranberry Splash have both been pulled from the shelves and are gently tucked away until the following season. Its nice to know that little winter themed items such as these still exist and will exist for a while longer.

Besides, they are absolutely delicious. I don't care what holiday you want to classify these under I hate the entire bag about half way through writing this article. And I really do enjoy things such as these. Its kind of Christmas-ish without being downright obvious. Its easy to pop open a bag and get a little bit of holiday enjoyment without everyone else thinking your nuts. And it is also not a horrible Valentines Day product. Yea... these Rold Gold Peppermint Snowflakes are a perfect late January Christmas .... winter themed product to help get through the transition into the non-holiday season. They pretty much rule.