Kemps Winter Ice Cream!

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You know I still cannot get over how strange the 2011 Christmas season felt. The whole thing was just off. I hate to continue to harp on this subject as I have promised to move on but... well I cannot help it. You see I was just at the store needing to pick up a light bulb for my room and ended up wander through what was left of the Christmas section on my way out the door.

I always get sort of bummed out looking through that section this time of year. I really love the holidays and seeing one little leftover isle that has been completely ravished and ransacked. All the good decorations either purchased or packed away until next year. The remainder reduced to a gigantic 70% off sale. Its sad. Knowing that it is going to be another eleven months until we start seeing this stuff again.

I've been on both sides of the fence on what I want to do. A big part of me was ready to move on and I pretty much did. All my decorations are down, the website has been converted back to its none holiday theme and I no longer want to listen to any music. Yet at the same time seeing all those poor leftover Christmas decorations that nobody wants anymore... I kind of still want to write about the holiday. So let's write about the holiday. Screw the rules. Screw the calender. Its snowing outside and I've got 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' pulled up on my second computer monitor as I type this post. So let's do this for either the first time in 2012 or the last time for 2011 ... depending on how you want to spin it. Let's do one more Christmas post!

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See I really was not kidding when I said that I was watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' on my second computer monitor. I picked this up at the store today as well. I had planned on snagging a copy of it in early November but for some reason never got around to it. Its very nice having it playing off in the background. Somehow, I really have managed to create the momentary illusion of the holidays. As a matter of fact I almost want to string up some XMAS lights around my desk to complete the effect. Almost. I'm not that in love with bringing back the season.

I would like to briefly point out that me taking a photo of an unfinished article as I am typing it... and then posting it in the completed article is some really weird 'breaking the 4th wall' META shit that hopefully does not crash the universe. Also, you like my computer desk? I cleaned it just the other day.

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Now let's get on with what we are here to actually do. Write about  Kemps Winter Ice Cream. As you can see from the photo we have two different variates of seasonal cream. The Frosty Tree kind, who is accompanied by the proverbial Winter Snowman. I do not know if that is the correct usage of the word "proverbial" but it sounds more interesting with that word in than when I attempted to take it out. So its staying. Besides like 1% of my readers will probably end up reading a belated Christmas entry this late in January. I could spend the remainder of this post talking about pineapples and nobody would probably notice.

The snowman is my favorite but then again most things with snowmen on them tend to be labeled "my favorite". He is also the one that seems alright to own past December 25th. The tree on the other hand, and this is coming from someone watching currently watching 'A Charlie Brown Christmas', does seem a little out of place this late in January. I sort of want to hide the fact that I am eating one this late in the game. To the point of shutting the blinds and hoping that the neighbors do not catch a glimpse of this holiday madness. This is January, Christmas Trees and anything vaguely shaped like them should be used as firewood or firewood substitute. Even minty flavored ice cream bars.

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Upon closer inspection you'll see just how great each of these items really are. I know I cannot be the only person out there secretly wishing to roll back the clock by a couple of weeks so we can celebrate the holidays all over again. And with these Winter Ice Cream bars, you sort of can. I mean just look at that snowman. He has absolutely no idea that it is the middle of January. For all he knows its December 20th and there is five feet of snow on the ground outside. That snowman is happy to pretend that it is still Christmas and tonight, I am content with doing the exact same thing.

Kemps Winter Ice Cream would have made a fantastic edition to the 2011 Christmas Countdown and since I am pretty sure these exact same ice cream bars have been sold in stores since roughly 1955... I probably could have waited until the 2012 Christmas Countdown to write about them. Probably would have turned into a better entry if I did it then. But you know what, I am happy to have them right here and right now. The middle of January. They stand as sort of a way to say goodbye to the season and to slowly ease out of the holiday spirit. For that I thank Kemps. I thank their minty flavored trees and wonderfully cheery snowman. I'm not so sure how much Charlie Brown would approve of such a commercial item sparking such late interest into the season but you know what... fuck Charlie Brown. His opinion about the over commercialization of the holiday season is right 99% of the time, but right now we are in that 1% margin that makes worshiping ice cream acceptable. Also. Pineapples.