Its Friday the 13th!

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Blast! I cannot believe I went almost the entire day before finally realizing that today was Friday the 13th! Save for the couple of months out of the year that we celebrate Halloween there are not many other times in the year in which horror movies and other things of this nature are alright to celebrate. Friday the 13th is one of the few time of the year that everybody is free to openly share there love for all things related to Jason.

Last year we looked at some of my favorite kills from the Friday the 13th films. That is because I planned ahead for that post. This year I am writing it on the fly and at 8:30 at night. Instead I will just offer up a simple suggestion, to go to your local video store and rent a handful of the Friday flicks and a big tub of popcorn and kickback and relax and watch some old school 80s slasher horror!

If your looking for a little more Friday the 13th action check out this post from the 2011 Halloween Countdown, in which I wrote about an awesome Jason Voorhees Doll from a couple years back!