Limited Edition Gingerbread Pop Tarts!

After yesterdays sort of failed attempt at writing about The Abominable Snow Monster, I decided to take a good long look at the pile of Christmas items that I have left to cover. I wanted to see if there was really anything left that struck me as something I absolutely had to write about. As it turns out there is still just a little gas left in my Christmas tank. Just enough to make it through these Limited Edition Gingerbread Pop Tarts and not completely sound bored out of my mind while writing about them.

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I guess I never never really realized until now just how many different types of Pop Tarts get released seasonally. I wrote about Spookylicious Pop Tarts during the 2011 Halloween Countdown and here we have some Gingerbread kind for the Christmas Countdown. I guess that is only two holiday variations of Pop Tarts but still it feels like more.

Back in early November I decided I wanted to write a full fledged article about gingerbread cookies. As you can see by the fact that we only have four days left until Christmas that is not going to happen. I assure you. The point of it though was that gingerbread is synonymous with the Christmas season and something that you are really only allowed to eat two months out of the year. I always look for as many different ways as possible to eat gingerbread during the holiday season and these Limited Edition Pop Tarts are yet another clever way to ingest the stuff.

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However just simply tasting like gingerbread is not enough for these awesome holiday Pop Tarts. Nope Kellogg's goes the extra mile by printing these awesome images of gingerbread men snowboarding and preforming other various outdoors winter tasks. According to the top of the package there are up to fifty different variations of said images. Well hell, now I sort of want to start a collection of opened Pop Tarts just to see if I can find all fifty or if they are blatantly lying to us in order to sell more Pop Tarts.

If you are wondering how they taste, then that would be considerably better than their Halloween counterpart did. For starters, gingerbread is the main ingredient. From there they do absolutely nothing other than a hint of cinnamon and some white frosting that kind of looks like toothpaste on the inside. I've yet to decide what exactly that frosting tastes like but I do know that it is actually pretty good.

This late in the holiday game I feel like it is tough to get excited about anything that is holiday themed. Somehow and against all odds these Gingerbread Pop Tarts manage to invigorate my slowly dying holiday spirit. Kellogg's you have managed to keep Christmas around for a couple more days and for that, I thank you!