Holiday Pop Rocks ... Rock!

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We finally got some snow on the ground here in Iowa yesterday. For only the second time so far this year. Its really kind of strange that all of November and most of December have been in the middle 40s and 50s with even a few rouge 60 degree days sprinkled in. I think part of my Christmas burnout comes from the fact that it just hasn't really felt like the holiday season this year. Being able to look out the window and see actual snow on the ground goes a long way in rejuvenating ones Christmas spirit. So let's cover some Holiday Pop Rocks before I never feel like writing about them ever again.

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Holiday Pop Rocks are a relatively cheap way to get some last minute enjoyment out of the Christmas season. A package of three comes bundled together for right around one dollar or if you are like me you'll somehow end up with a mysterious fourth package. Best not to question.

The flavor in question is candy cane and the rocks have been color coordinated to sort of resemble crushed candy canes. I would have preferred they went with a red and green theme for the rocks in order to look a little more festive but honestly the outside of the package more than makes up for it.

As for the taste, yea its sort of candy cane like. I have never been that big of fan of the way Pop Rocks taste to begin with so its not really surprising that I am not head over heals in love this flavor. Besides nobody eats Pop Rocks for the taste, you eat them for the experience of fizzing popping rock candy in your mouth. This time your allowed to do it with the guise of Christmas underneath.

I really do enjoy is the overall theme accomplished with these. They just look nice and festive and I feel like even if you don't really like the candy, that they would still make for great stocking stuffers. As a matter of fact if you look closely at the bag they came in you will see the ever illusive "to" and "from" sections on the top and bottom of the bag respectively. If you need some last minute cheap gifts to pad out that special someones Christmas stocking, you should give Holiday Pop Rocks a look.