E3 2012 and Fangoria February!

I got two announcements that I would like make. First I would like to thank everyone once again for making 2011 such an awesome year here at the Astro Lounge. I had a blast running the Christmas and Halloween Countdowns. You can expect each to return and be bigger than ever for 2012. So keeping in the spirit of running "themed" months around here, I have a couple announcements that I want to make for what to look forward to here in the next couple months.

For starters you can expect the return of E3 coverage on the website. E3 is the largest video game trade show of the year and each year I do what I like to call a "live blog" during each of the big three (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) press conferences. Where I pull up the live conference on one monitor and open up this blog on another and basically write about everything as it is unfolding. It is a different and unique way to read about the important announcements. E3 coverage will begin June 5th through June 7th so until then expect to see more posts detailing the event we get closer to that date.

Next month, I have something extra special in store. We are going to be doing a little something called Fangoria February! What is Fangoria February? An entire month long dedication to the greatest horror movie magazine ever created! I have an entire stack of old Fangoria books, pretty much everything from the first issue clear on up until the middle to late 1990s. All original and all filled with great old advertisements, articles, photos, and much more. These books are a fantastic window into the past. I am confident that you guys will enjoy Fangoria February!

As always be sure to stop back for plenty of none-themed related content that I will be working in year round.


  1. I have been trying to get my cafe featured in Fangoria for 3 years now. They never respond.


    But I LOVED Fangoria as a kid. You should feel fortunate that you have all those early issues.


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