Deluxe Abominable Snow Monster!

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While the "Charlie Brown Christmas Special" may be my favorite holiday special it is not without some stiff competition from some other classic cartoons. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and "The Year Without A Santa Clause" are true holiday classics in ever respect of the word, I think I like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" just a little bit more. Though quite frankly it is a little like picking a favorite child, sort of impossible to do.

Rudolph has many classic characters from Yukon Cornelius, Sam the Snowman, and the Charlie in the Box. None of these manage to be quite as awesome as Bumble, the Abominable Snow Monster!

Hes kind of cute, kind of frightening and an all around great character. Easily my favorite character in the show. Today we are going to take a look at a Deluxe Abominable Snow Monster from a couple of years ago. Impossible to resist, even with a hefty $10.00 price tag. What can I say, he looks great hanging on my wall with all my other packaged figures!

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I like this figure, I really do. I should have wrote about him earlier in the year. I hate to admit it but I am starting to run on Christmas fumes at the moment. Its a strange feeling as just the other week I was thinking about extending the countdown all the way into the middle of January. Now... I don't know. I'm sort of struggling to find words for any of the items that I have left to cover. It's no fault of the Abominable Snow Monster, though. This is a really nice looking figure. Dare I say it is even a better quality than the original that was used in the 1960's stop motion cartoon. Let's take a closer look and see.

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Obviously he lacks the ability to be fully expressive like the one in the cartoon, but otherwise he probably is an all around better figure than the one they used way back when. I am a big fan of his fur, it reminds me of an old Masters of the Universe toy that I used to own back in the day, Grizzlor. My parents made me throw away Grizzlor because he got left outside in the sandbox a bunch of times and a deadly combination of rain, sand, and cat shit eventually matted all his fur together into something that looked like it housed about fourteen different STDs. That is part of the reason why I have chosen to leave Bumble here in the package. I don't want that white fur to blemish and turn yellow. Or become matted with cat shit.

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Here are the rest of the figures in the set. Yada, yada, yada. I do not own any of them other than this one but I would really like a Charlie in the Box. Look my heart is still very clearly in this Christmas game but my mind is just drawing a blank on this stuff at the moment. I will keep it up through December 25th but as soon as the clock strikes midnight I am officially pulling off the restraints and calling it OK to move on with other topics around here again.

As for closing thoughts on the Deluxe Abominable Snow Monster, despite the half assed effort put forth into writing this article I do really like this figure. He is a great packaged edition to my collection and one that sort of stands out from everything else that I collect. I would also have loved to own him back in my "toy playing" days. He would not have been a leader figure (one put in charge of all the other figures) like Dracula Don but I could totally see Bumble being the right hand man for one of the leader figures. That is a pretty big deal. I feel bad for not giving full effort in this article. Therefore I am going to make it up by ending with an old Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercial!

Now this is something that I can spend the next fifteen minutes typing about. These old Fruity Pebbles Christmas Commercials are a big, big part of my holiday memories as a child. It seems like there was only ever a handful of them that got produced and they aired on almost a constant loop from Thanksgiving through New Years. And you know what that was alright. I remember sitting around just waiting for these commercials to come on. It was exciting for some reason. And you know what even though they are trying to sell you breakfast cereal they somehow manage to fit in a message about sharing with others. Pretty impressive for a thirty second TV advertisement.

Hopefully you guys are equally as nostalgic for Fruity Pebbles as I. Maybe then you'll forgive me for clearly cheating this Abominable Snow Monster out of his fifteen minutes of fame. =) Merry Christmas everyone. Just eat your fuckin' cereal, Barney.


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