Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree!

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In case you guys cannot tell, I really do adore the Charlie Brown holiday specials. "Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is probably my favorite of the bunch but that is only because I enjoy Halloween slightly more than Christmas. The Charlie Brown Christmas Special is every bit as good and maybe even a little bit better than his Halloween outing. It all depends on which holiday you have a preference towards.

One of Charlie Brown's most iconic holiday images is his "twig tree". For those of you who have never seen this cartoon (and for shame on you if you haven't!) the setup involves Charlie Brown growing tired of how commercial the season has became and sets out to find the true meaning of Christmas. When shopping for a Christmas Tree he runs across a whole assortment of mass produced, multicolored, artificial trees as seen in the image below. These trees represent everything he is trying to avoid, but in the middle of this neon madness he finds one poor little overlooked twig tree and decided that this is the one that will best represent Christmas.

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Initially all the other kids scuff at Charlie Browns tree and rightfully so. I get the whole "true meaning of Christmas" yada yada yada message they were going for but holy crap have you seen these other trees? I am particularly fond of the green and blue striped tree to Charlie Browns immediate left as well as the blue and white spotted tree directly behind it. Somehow though, Charlie Brown is able to resist the neon temptation which surrounds him and instead picks the delightfully scrawny twig tree. Thus a Christmas legend is born.

When I was growing up there was no real sure fire way to re-create the twig tree. About the best you could do was to cut a branch down from a neighbors tree and bend it into shape and decorate it the best you could. I guess technically this would be more so to the point that Charlie Brown was trying to make and it works fairly well when your eight or nine years old. Once you reach a certain age, its kind of tough to get away with something like that. Thankfully though, a couple years back an officially licensed Charlie Brown Twig Tree hit the market and is made readily available every holiday season!
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Behold! Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. This is the real deal officially licensed Peanuts Gang version. It will set you back around $10 depending on what store you find it in. I would suggest avoiding the Spencer Gifts version of it and instead opt for the Wal-Mart kind. They are they exact same tree, minus the horrible markup that comes with purchasing anything at Spencer's. It is also worth nothing that my particular tree is from a couple years ago and lacks the famous blue blanket that Linus wrapped around it. Newer versions of this set do indeed come with that blanket. Mine does not. Sucks to be an early adapter.

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Turns out Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree is incredibly difficult to photograph. I took eight or nine different photos at all different angles around a bunch of different places and sadly this was the most interesting looking photo. You guys get the just of it, though. It is a fairly accurate representation of the twig tree from the cartoon. It even includes the one red bulb for you to decorate it with. The tree itself is made out of some sort of bendy wire like material covered in some kind of tightly wrapped brown fabric. You can shape the tree however you see fit, I preferred to stick with the droopy dead look but you are more than welcome to shape your twig tree into something happier.

Overall I highly recommend everyone checking out this item. Its one of my favorite Christmas decorations and one of the first things I pull out of the closet come December 1st. Despite how it looks in that photo up above, it really will look awesome sitting in your office, place of work, or on some shelf at home. I would like to end this post with this final photograph that I took but couldn't quite fit into the main post. Tis the season for giving, and all!

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  1. We have them for $19.95 here in California, and, yes, they do come with a blanket now, but it's really a small square of light blue felt. Still, they are charming.


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