Russell Stover 1,000,000,000 Chocolate Bar!

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The beauty of running this Christmas Countdown is that there are literally thousands of items that get released every year that somehow, someway tie into the season. Lots of them are small little "one off" items such as these. I like this junk, I don't have to spend fifty thousand words explaining why its awesome to you. I feel like everyone can look at it and just sort of get it. Here we have a chocolate bar whose package is made up to look like a one billion dollar bill, with none other than Santa himself in the middle of the frame.

This bar, made by Russell Stover for those keeping score at home, is one of those perfect stocking stuffer items that nobody asks for yet when you get it goes a long way in making the holiday all the more special. You ask for things like video games and toys but nobody complains when they end up with video games, toys, and billion dollar Santa Clause candy bars. Christmas simply would not be Christmas without items like these and that is why I think they are important enough to get a little mini-entry during the 2011 Christmas Countdown!