Nightmare Before Christmas Hallmark Ornament!

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I wanted to get this entry out of the way early. Writing about The Nightmare Before Christmas always seems more appropriate fodder for late October and early November. During those strange couple of weeks were Halloween and Christmas collide and do a little strange dance on the floor of retail chains around the world.

And while this is indeed a Christmas decoration the time to give it its proper dues is now, with Halloween still fresh in all of our minds. For those of you who choose not to step foot in a Hallmark store, I understand. For most of us this place is not "our thing". Most of the year it is the kind of place your grandmother shops, purchasing little ceramic birds and picture frames. Cut little trinkets that serve no purpose. This is what Hallmark is most of the time.

During the winter months, the store does a little Optimus Prime transformation and turns into Christmas central. I love Hallmarks selection of Christmas ornaments, because unlike the cheap and often times generic ones sold at most other locations, Hallmark specializes in characters. Characters that you will recognize from popular TV shows, movies, games, even sports athletes. They all make some slightly overpriced appearance.

Hallmark has an ongoing trend of releasing a new Nightmare Before Christmas decoration every year. I am a late comer to this whole ornament game, but what I have seen so far I enjoy. Here we have Jack Skellington dressed as a snowman. You may remember this from the .5 seconds of screen time he spent looking like this in the film and may question why they decided to release this specific version of him. To this I say you are missing the point. Snowman Jack makes for a fine decoration and while this may not be the iconic pose of Mr. Skellington as soon as you see it, you recognize it from the film. In the end, isn't that all that matters?


  1. Now THAT is my kind of Christmas ornament!

  2. Hallmark is issuing a new Jack Skellington ornament in the 2012 ornament line called Jack Sneaks A Peak. It will be available in Hallmark stores nationwide beginning July 14, 2012.


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