Christmas Jukebox's 2011 Debut!

I planned on waiting at least one week before I converted everything into its holiday theme. But... well, its rainy with a little bit of snow mixed in outside. I've purchased and wrapped my first Christmas present. And I have gotten a bunch of cool items to cover for the 2011 Christmas Countdown. Even though it is only the 2nd day in November, I cannot really deny it any longer... Christmas has arrived! And with that comes the holiday theme to the site!

One of my favorite aspects of this website that I am not even really sure if anyone actually uses are the jukeboxes that I have posted down at the bottom of the page. Thus far we have a Summer Jukebox and a Halloween Jukebox. The summer one exists only as some sort of strange concept that even to my own admission, needs a little work (but I have to save something for 2012 and those long, boring summer months). But it was the Halloween one that I became especially proud of. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with that track listing and I would put it up against just about any other Halloween playlist out there on the internet. I love that Halloween Jukebox and listen to it all the time.

So it is only fitting that a Christmas Jukebox comes up next. I really like this Christmas playlist as well. It was a much easier task to create this one. Halloween doesn't really have "music" created for it. Outside of the two or three obvious choices, you really have to put on your thinking cap and do some research to get a proper list of stuff. Christmas on the other hand, this was almost to easy. Doing a Google search for "Christmas Music" will give you thousands upon thousands of results. Really only becoming limited to how many different versions of Jingle Bells you want to have on there.

Hopefully at least a couple of you will take the time to float through this list. I have included all of my favorite holiday tracks and tried to sprinkle in a couple that you might not have heard. If you are still stuck in the swing of all things Halloween, one listen to this playlist is almost guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit!

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