Spookylicious Pop Tarts Will Kill Us All!

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I love Pop Tarts. I love Halloween. Therefore shouldn't I just absolutely love these Limited Edition Spookylicious Pop Tarts? Well... I do but like most relationships this one is a little bit complex. With a little love and a little hate and no clear cut right or wrong answers Kellog's has clearly tried very hard to create the perfected Halloween themed item and in many ways they have succeeded. Yet for some reason they end up feeling kind of empty on the inside. Either that or I have covered so many different Halloween themed items that I am starting to go just a little crazy. Either way we have Pop Tarts to write about. Halloween ones.

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Spookylicious Pop Tarts have a lot going for them. The amount of awesome that has been plastered all over this package is just bat shit crazy. Make no mistakes about it Kellog's has given us a clear cut Halloween product here. To continue with our dating analogy, or start one depending on how many times I have re-wrote that introductory paragraph, Spookylicious Pop Tarts are like that really cute girl who lives next door. You know the one you are always to shy to talk to for more a couple brief seconds, so you always just kind of admire her from afar. Yet for some reason you just absolutely love her, despite the fact you know nothing about her. In a nut shell, this is Spookylicious Pop Tarts. 

Much like the girl next door she is not a perfect ten but hot damn is she ever cute. Spookylicious gives us the ever illusive "Limited Edition" badge in big bold letters, letting us all know that we better enjoy it while we can because come November 1st its going to be gone. She sports cobwebs, a spider, and a ghost as well as a one of those creative product names that could only be given to a seasonal item. Spookylicous Pop Tarts may not be the biggest or the brightest package this Halloween season but she sure manages to pack a pretty mean looking punch.

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The back of Spookylicious's box suggests that we transform some of the included sixteen Pop Tarts into "spooky snacks!". The prep time is only fifteen minutes and they take about two hours to go from start to finish. The just of this process includes crushing four Spookylicious Pop Tarts and adding some peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar. Presumably the end results will kill you as that is one hell of a lethal combination of junk foods and sugar. You can also cut out the six provided monster faces to give your Pop Tart Balls a spooky finishing touch. While I applaud this effort I will not be spending the next two hours making crushed up Pop Tart and peanut butter balls. Though now that I have given you all this recipe for free, you are more than welcome to give it a shot. Just do not let Kellog's know that we are doing this. You may never hear from me again.

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To continue on with whatever strange dating analogy I had started earlier, assuming one day you do talk to that kind of cute girl next door there is a good chance that you will fall in love with her all over again. Spookylicious Pop Tarts are exactly like that. You flirt with them, you toy with them, you almost buy them but then at the last minute something else comes along and they end up back on the shelf. But no matter what you just cannot stop thinking about them. So finally you give in purchase a box and for a good long while everything seems perfect. Then you get to know her a little bit better and realize that something just isn't right.

Spookylicious Pop Tarts just have to much going on to truly be considered good. If it was not for the clever name, in an attractive looking box with a seasonal theme most of us would not give Spookylicious Pop Tarts a second glace. But here they are with that awesome orange frosting and ghost sprinkles. They look so right this time of year but it just does not end up working out. You see I like my Pop Tarts pretty plain. I will take the classic strawberry flavor and call it a day. Spookylicious Pop Tarts start off with a Frosted Chocolate Fudge flavor and combine that with a hint of gingerbread. And those ghost sprinkles? They are crunchy. I am also pretty sure the orange frosting has some sort of flavor to it as well. All in all Spookylicious Pop Tarts end up feeling like they are trying way to damn hard to please. I've wrote Spookylicious Pop Tarts to  many times for a single paragraph.

It may just be me. It could be a deadly combination of Halloween fatigue setting in along side the fact that I just do not like these overly rich sweet foods. That might seem strange because I always seem to be writing about some goofy food product but most of the time its because I have fallen in love with the product and not whats actually inside it. Don't get me wrong a little chocolate every now and then is cool but this triple frosted fudge stuff with sprinkles and gingerbread... for my liking it is just to many flavors fighting for superiority. You should probably give Spookylicious Pop Tarts a try for yourself. Just because I do not really care to much for them, doesn't mean that you might not think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread... or cottage cheese. Sliced cottage bread cheese in Pop Tart form. Well its official... Halloween fatigue. Is it Christmas time yet?


  1. I like the dating analogy. I might have a one-night stand with these.


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