Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! The big day is finally here! It is kind of a bum day for me, my town has already done its Trick or Treating so most of my fun is over. So I plan on spending a good bulk of the day just relaxing and watching some of my favorite horror movies. I look forward to hearing about what everyone else did today so feel free to leave your own personal thoughts down below in the comment section. This is our second to last entry for the 2011 Halloween Countdown and I must say that it has been a smashing success! But just because Halloween will soon be over doesn't mean that we have done everything we need to do. I still have one final surprise in store for the countdown. So be sure to stop back tomorrow to see what that one is and while your here check out the final entry in the 2011 Halloween Countdown. Stay Spooky everyone! ~Kyle


  1. Kyle,

    Your Halloween Town tab is a great idea! I haven't even come close to reading all your entries, and this will give me something Halloweenish to do during the year.


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