The Decorate-A-Mug Contest!

My readers have spoken and the results are in. Going back to an older post you will see that I asked for everyone to help decide the fate of the Decorate-A-Mug Kit. I had lots of people respond either via Twitter, Facebook, or on the comment section of this blog and an overwhelming number of people voted for a Halloween theme. I sort of figured that this would be the case but you should never underestimate the power of the Christmas Season. We very well could have had a holiday upset smack dab in the middle of the 2011 Halloween Countdown.

As promised I decorated this mug and turn it into the spookiest, creepiest, most Halloween-ified mug this side of the Mississippi River. Sticking to only whatever was provided on the inside of the box. Speaking of which, for those keeping score at home here are the contents of the kit. We have one white mug and six markers to use. Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow. Not a bad choice of colors... I felt pretty good about those options. Only wishingthey had included an Orange marker. That sure would have made life easier. Oh well, on with the show they say! Here are the results of the mug.

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Have I mentioned that I am not an artist? Well... I am not and I am also fully aware that information probably would have been vital about three weeks ago. If this mug has a "good" side I am going to go with this one. Blood stains and a generic gravestone are always cool. I was going to write something else besides "Beware This Cup!" but umm... I ran out of room.

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Here you will see hands down the worst rendition of Frankensteins Monster ever created. It makes the Creepy Classics version of him look like a god by comparison. I did not intend for him to have no teeth but the important thing to remember about the Decorate-A-Mug kit is that it is impossible to erase anything. Once you start drawing the only option you have to fix things is to make them larger and.... blacker. That wasn't meant to be a racist comment but sort of sounds like one.

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I've dictated this as the front of the cup. It is impossible to photograph the entire writing but it does indeed say "2011 Halloween Countdown!!!' across the top. That way I will forever remember why I chose to decorate a cup like a seven year old child for Halloween... at age twenty four. I do like the ghost but as soon as I drew him I instantly realized I should have went with the Pac-Man ghost instead. But then again judging on how bad Frankensteins Monster turned out... I think I had better stick with generic stuff.

Speaking of generic things, had you all voted for a Christmas theme I could have done up this entire mug with stick drawings of XMAS Trees and presents and it probably would have came out twenty times better. Therefore, this entire post is everyone's fault but mine. Ahhh who am I kidding, it would have ended up looking like total bullshit regardless of what holiday got voted in. All kidding aside, though, thanks to everyone for the voting and sharing your input. I hope to do more articles like this in the future. I like being able to give you guys options and the ability to influence the sites content!


  1. Oh, I missed this! Glad you put a link! It's a cup you will treasure forever! The Frankenstein is awesome.


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