Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! The big day is finally here! It is kind of a bum day for me, my town has already done its Trick or Treating so most of my fun is over. So I plan on spending a good bulk of the day just relaxing and watching some of my favorite horror movies. I look forward to hearing about what everyone else did today so feel free to leave your own personal thoughts down below in the comment section. This is our second to last entry for the 2011 Halloween Countdown and I must say that it has been a smashing success! But just because Halloween will soon be over doesn't mean that we have done everything we need to do. I still have one final surprise in store for the countdown. So be sure to stop back tomorrow to see what that one is and while your here check out the final entry in the 2011 Halloween Countdown. Stay Spooky everyone! ~Kyle

Friday, October 28, 2011

Spookylicious Pop Tarts Will Kill Us All!

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I love Pop Tarts. I love Halloween. Therefore shouldn't I just absolutely love these Limited Edition Spookylicious Pop Tarts? Well... I do but like most relationships this one is a little bit complex. With a little love and a little hate and no clear cut right or wrong answers Kellog's has clearly tried very hard to create the perfected Halloween themed item and in many ways they have succeeded. Yet for some reason they end up feeling kind of empty on the inside. Either that or I have covered so many different Halloween themed items that I am starting to go just a little crazy. Either way we have Pop Tarts to write about. Halloween ones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jason Voorhees Doll!

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What can I say, Jason Voorhees is my little friend. My little animated friend who has three different sayings and requires four AA batteries to operate. I am a sucker for things like this, I really am. There is no specific reason why I need a six inch talking Voorheess Doll but here he is and here we are. Halloween is the perfect time of year to talk about him, but just don't bring up what he looks like under that mask. Jason does not approve of those kinds of discussions.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tick Tock Tick Tick...

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Coming Soon: 2011 Christmas Countdown!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Horror Recommendation! - A Nightmare Before Christmas

'Halloween Horror Recommendation!' is an ongoing series where we take a quick look at some of my favorite horror movies of all time! Sometimes they are big sometimes they are small but every time they are guaranteed to make you shriek with fright! Updated every Friday from now until October 31st!

Day by day we inch closer and closer to Halloween. As these days turn into hours and hours fade into minutes we creep closer to the ever illusive deadline of October 31st. With Halloween now so close you can almost taste it that also means another holiday is looming off  in the distance. If you look close one can already see it. That red and green glow of its flashing lights. Accopanied by that cold winter wind. Jack Frost nipping at your toes. I am of course talking about the coming Christmas season! And every year right around late October we start to get this bizare blend of the two holidays. While Halloween is on its way out Christmas is on its way in. The next couple of weeks are a strange time where you can purchase rubber bats and a half gallon of fake blood and then turn right around and snag something else with snowflakes on the pacakge. It is a weird mix of gingerbread and candy corn. Making it the perfect time to cover one of my favorite films of all time A Nightmare Before Christmas!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dollar Tree Body Parts!

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Like any department store around this time of year the Dollar Tree is typically hit or miss in terms of what your going to find. We have already hit it big with these 3-D Window Stickers, which I have dubbed the greatest item of the 2011 Halloween Season. But we also struck out hardcore with these Gummy Candy Pieces, which where confusing to look at and tasted like plastic ass. The Dollar Tree clearly wanted to make up for that last entry by providing a whole bunch of awesome severed body parts and packaged organs. Did I mention how well these things photograph? For as cheap as they are, they look incredible under proper lighting. I think you guys are going to enjoy this entry in the 2011 Halloween Countdown!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kraft Macaroni & Chesse Halloween Shapes

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 In case anyone was worried that we had ran out of creative ways to eat Halloween here in the later part of season, I go and pull out Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Halloween Shapes from some long forgotten corner of the grocery store. All most all the other seasonal Halloween products I have covered have had some sort of display that draws your attention to them. Count Chocula had a gigantic setup, Ghoul-Aid had a really sweet cardboard standee, there was even a separate section dedicated to all these Little Debbie snacks. This macaroni and cheese? It was left in the box it was shipped in and just sort of stacked up on the end of an isle. Nearing so close to Halloween and realizing that I've already covered dozens of other food related products, I almost passed on this one. And I actually did leave without buying it but upon a return visit I noticed that only one or two boxes had been sold. I felt sorry for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Halloween Shapes. Had these been properly displayed with all the other seasonal material, many more probably would have been gone. I had to purchase a box of this stuff and write about it. It suddenly became my civic duty to cover these Halloween Shapes and as it turns out... that was a pretty wise decision!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Decorate-A-Mug Contest!

My readers have spoken and the results are in. Going back to an older post you will see that I asked for everyone to help decide the fate of the Decorate-A-Mug Kit. I had lots of people respond either via Twitter, Facebook, or on the comment section of this blog and an overwhelming number of people voted for a Halloween theme. I sort of figured that this would be the case but you should never underestimate the power of the Christmas Season. We very well could have had a holiday upset smack dab in the middle of the 2011 Halloween Countdown.

As promised I decorated this mug and turn it into the spookiest, creepiest, most Halloween-ified mug this side of the Mississippi River. Sticking to only whatever was provided on the inside of the box. Speaking of which, for those keeping score at home here are the contents of the kit. We have one white mug and six markers to use. Red, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow. Not a bad choice of colors... I felt pretty good about those options. Only wishingthey had included an Orange marker. That sure would have made life easier. Oh well, on with the show they say! Here are the results of the mug.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Little Debbie Gets Down with the Devil!

Halloween has lots of positive things going for it. Horror Movies. Costumes. Parties. Pumpkin carving and candy. Yes indeed, Halloween can be many things to many different people but generally speaking it is the one time of year that allows each and every one of us to eat like a gigantic lard ass. Well... other than Thanksgiving. Eating like a lard ass is sort of the only thing Thanksgiving has going for it these days. So I guess that would make Halloween the second major Holiday that lets us eat to our hearts content. Though so does Christmas. Alright, Halloween is the third most important holiday that allows us eat like slobbish pigs and do not even try to put Easter in front of it. I simply will not allow it.

Proof that we all eat like jackasses around October is provided by the fact that I walked into the grocery store and left with six boxes of Halloween themed Little Debbie snacks. This seems like some sort of record, someone should call the Guinness folk. Many times I purchase the things I write about all at once, these late night trips sometimes end up being more interesting than the articles themselves. You should have seen the look on the face of the people working in the grocery store when I strolled in five minutes before closing time and left with nothing but an arm full of various seasonal snack cakes. I do these things because I love Halloween and this Halloween Countdown has just been way to much freaking fun. This combination makes it physically impossible for me to pass up anything that is vaguely pumpkin shaped and seasonal. Little Debbie must know this because she has a whole host of seasonal junk she is trying to peddle to our fat little country here in 2011. Little Debbie is Down with the Devil and once you see how good most of these snacks are you will be too.Reading this article is kind of like cheating on your diet... but its Halloween time and everyone is entitled to a couple tasty treats!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Masters of the Universe Classics - SCAREGLOW

From time to time there are certain entries within this Halloween Countdown that even I know only sort of technically count as seasonal material, Scare Glow is one of them. But after seeing this awesome action figure I think everyone will agree that he is far more suited to be covered now than during any other time of the year. Besides Scare Glow holds a very unique place within He-Man lore and I think you will all enjoy reading  the storied history of one of the most miss-understood action figures of all time. The Masters of the Universe: Scare Glow!

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As is the case with most entries that I write a little back-story is in place. I am sure anyone who reads this blog is familiar with the old He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon series and subsequent toy line. It was your typical good verses evil story which featuring the adventures of Adam, Price of Eternia, who could transform into the heroic He-Man by lifting his sword into the air and shouting "By the Power of Grayskull! I have the Power!". Together He-Man and his friends would defend their homeland of Eternia from the evil forces of Skeletor. Don't believe me? Just check out the cartoons introduction! It tells you everything you need to know.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe consisted of 65 episodes and lasted from 1983-1985. Like most popular cartoons a series of action figures accompanied the show. First launching in 1982 (a year before the cartoon first aired on television) the line of He-Man toys became immensely popular and lasted for many, many years before finally setting in amongst other great 80s toys as GI Joe and Transformers in the collectors market.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creepy Classics Revisited!

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Creepy Classics are a strange little item that I found hidden in the back of a Dollar Tree in the discount section all the way back in July. When your digging things out of the clearance isle in a store where everything only costs a $1.00 to begin with you just know your going to find something strange. I first wrote about Creepy Classics here and while not quite sure what they were, was definitely glad to have picked them up. We are revisiting Creepy Classics as part of the Halloween Countdown, not because I have actually figured anything out about them but because they are just far to interesting to be tucked away in what is destined to be some long forgotten July article. Creepy Classics, whatever they may be, can really only truly be enjoyed during the Halloween Season. So lets take a much needed closer look these things and see what we can uncover.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ghoul-Aid Scary Blackberry Returns for 2011!

At the end of each Halloween season I always look back and do a reflective piece on the holiday. Some years everything seems to flow together perfectly while other years I look back and sort of feel meh about the whole thing.

There are a lot of different factors that go into what makes a great Halloween verses one that is not so memorable. Everything from the weather outside, to how fast Christmas was shoved in our faces, to how cool the new products where that season. Some years feel thrown together and full of missed opportunities. Thankfully though, 2011 has been a defiant upswing from the previous couple seasons.

For whatever reason every single company has decided to show there game faces this Halloween. We've seen old favorites like Count Chocula and Halloween Oreo's. We've seen Pitch Black terrorize store shelves. We've fallen in love with cheap Window Stickers and now Kool-Aid has resurrected the long defunct Ghoul-Aid brand and with it brought back the popular Scary Blackberry flavor!

I know it is still early in the month of October, but I am already willing to bet that this is going to be the best Halloween season ever!

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I first caught wind that Ghoul-Aid was going to be returning this season via the official Kool-Aid Facebook Page. Here they had a countdown of sorts with five or six canceled flavors, saying that one would return for a limited run in 2011.

Each day they would place a gigantic X over the flavor that would not be making a comeback. Right from the beginning I just knew that Scary Blackberry was going to be the winner of the "contest".

I believe I mentioned this in the Kool-Aid Fun Fizz article but I firmly believe that Kool-Aid sales suffer greatly in the fall and winter months. I love Koo-Aid as much as the next but it has a very distinctive summer flavor. So with this in mind it just sort of made since to me that Scary Blackberry would be coming back in 2011. Looks like I was correct!

Friday, October 7, 2011

15 Gummy Candy Body Parts!

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Not all entries found within the Halloween Countdown are created equal. Thus far we have had a pretty wide selection of things either new or old that have all been pretty cool in there own respective ways. However every once and a while I purchase an item that seems interesting but turns out to be anything but. 15 Gummy Candy Body Parts sold in a mini cardboard coffin for only $1.00 seemed like a sure fire hit. Turns out I was wrong. Very, very wrong. Stay as far away as possible from this Dollar Tree find, it will only ruin your day with false promises and lies!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3-D Window Stickers!

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Every October I always make a point to stop into the Dollar Tree and have a look at crap they are selling for Halloween. And as much as I like that store lets not kid ourselves here, most of what they sell is crap. Useless. Cheap. Generic. Off-brand crap. And you know what... I love it. This is what makes the Dollar Tree such a fantastic invention. If you where to run into this stuff at any other store, you'd shun it to the side and scuff at the idea of purchasing. But here? In this environment? It becomes perfectly acceptable to fill an entire shopping cart full of  this generic bullshit.

Especially around Halloween time. If I may digress here for a minute, Halloween has really "grown up" over the past five to ten years. When I was a kid everything was much cheaper. I'm not just talking about price tags, but the overall quality of items sold was cheaper. With shittier build quality and not near as interesting to look at. Stores did not have huge sprawling sections dedicated to Halloween like they do today. You'd get one isle with candy and one isle with costumes and those cheap grease paint makeup kits and that's about it. I come from a time where you had to scourer every Mom & Pop drug store and supermarket within a sixteen mile radius just to find enough decorations to make your front porch look spooky.

These days Halloween has grown to near Christmas level proportions. You can now shop at only a few select stores and find far, far better items we ever could have hoped to find when I was a kid. With enough money you can purchase everything from life sized caskets to a pneumatic powered Exorcist bed. It is a fantastic time for anyone trying to decorate there house. As much as I love this, part of me still sort of misses the inherent cheap nature of decorations from years past.

Which brings us back full circle to the Dollar Tree. This store is like walking into a time machine from twenty years ago. The decorations are cheap and plentiful and they have a certain charm to them that their more expensive department store counterparts seem to lack. These 3-D Window Stickers remind me of something I would have had years ago and even though they are only $1.00 a piece, I think they are my favorite item of the 2011 Halloween Season!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Count Chocula's 2011 Debut!

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I like my end of the year holidays to be consistent. New products are fun and all but part of what makes Halloween and Christmas so exciting are the items you can just count on arriving every season. I've already declared Halloween Oreo's to be the product that best represents Halloween but this does not mean that there are not still some heavy hitters left for the Halloween Countdown! The return of Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Frankenberry breakfast cereals are one of the few items that Halloween has to call its own. There is no Christmas here folks, just some spook-filled boxes of creepy cereal! And this year General Mills has also included a fourth monster cereal! Cookie Crisp dawns a scary package for the very first time! Halloween 2011 is shaping up to be one of the best yet and we have just only begun to scratch the surface of October!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

TMNT Universal Horror Figures!

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 Sometimes I feel envious of children who grew up in the 1980s. They had some of the best cartoons (Thundercats, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Transformers) that lead to some of the coolest toy ever crafted. I was born just late enough in the 80s to be able to catch the tail end these shows (when they had all hit there re-run stages) and was just able to get a few of the leftover toys from each line before they hit the 'collectors market'.  Mostly though, I am a child of the 90s. And while we might not have been able to match the sheer volume of 'destined to be classic' cartoon / toy lines of the prior decade we did spawn something that is arguably greater than anything to ever come before it.

I am of course talking about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Unless you lived through the early part of the 90s it is hard to really explain just how big of a deal the turtles where. It was a marketing machine the likes of which had not been seen before. Toy isles did not have just simple sections dedicated to turtles figures, they had entire isles of nothing but. This spilled out to anything and everything in-between. From breakfast cereals, toothpaste, pillows, blankets, action figures, forks, spoons, clothing and anything else you could slap one of the four turtles on and color green. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles owned everything in there path.

Of course this posed a few minor problems for the company who produced the figures, Playmates Toys, as the series only consists of four turtles and the obvious other bad guys and secondary heroes. You can only make so many versions of Donatello before even the most rabid eight year old will pass up owning one. So Playmates came up with an interesting solution to this problem, they started making really weird versions of every character that really did not tie in with anything but gave us all reason to beg for that nineteenth Leonardo figure. This is where a line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures based off from classic Universal Horror Movies of the 30s and 40s came from. If this induction isn't worthy of the Halloween Countdown I do not know what is.