Lego Mini Figure Reviews #3

Lego Mini Figures are individually packaged Lego Figures sold in sealed mystery bags. Each series has sixteen figures and there are currently five sets of figures that have been released. Lego Mini Figure Reviews is an ongoing series in which we will take a look at some of the best (and worst!) figures that I own!

Series Four Figure Three is The Monster! But let's not kid ourselves, what we are looking at is none other than FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER! Or at least as legally close to Frankenstein as Lego could achieve without infringing on Universal's copyright on the character. As you will see in later posts Lego has really went the extra mile by including some very cool classic horror movie monsters within the Mini Figure's line. Making them very clearly the figures to own in the set. I love them all but The Monster is my favorite of the bunch. It mostly has to do with the flat top head extension and the green skin tone. Though the bandages on his head are a nice touch as well. The Monster makes a great dual entry character, fitting into both the Lego reviews and the Halloween Countdown! Very cool stuff indeed!