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Fun Fact: The older you get the less interesting things you are allowed to purchase. When you are a kid it is perfectly acceptable to spend your entire allowance on toys and junk food. When you get your first job its fun to blow entire paychecks on expensive electronics and name brand clothing just to impress your friends. However one day you just sort of wake up and realize that slowly life has started to creep in on you and now you've got bills to pay, (less expensive) clothing to purchase, and food to buy. All with very little money leftover. So for every fake rubber eye and mini slinky that I purchase there about four thousand other more boring "life items" that there is just no way to avoid spending your hard earned money on. I am talking about stupid things you cannot live without, like toilet paper or toothpaste. Junk like that.

Sometimes though, luck can be on your side and you can turn what should be a boring "life item" into an adventure into the unknown. Behold! Decorate-A-Mug Kit is not just a coffee mug, its a coffee mug that you draw shit all over. Long story short I would like to have some type of  mug for work and while any cheap, generic coffee mug would have been sufficient that is just not my style. After searching long and hard I found this highly discounted item that appears to be a byproduct of seventeen Christmas shopping seasons ago. There was no possible way that I could pass it up.

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Standing in the store I came up with an interesting idea, what if I gave everyone at home the power  to help decide the fate of this Decorate-A-Mug? Seems like a fun idea to me! So here is how all of this will work, we will hold a little poll which will be open to all my Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends, and of course everyone who reads this blog to decide just exactly how it gets decorated. It has no specific end date, therefore it is probably fundamentally flawed but that is beside the point. Here are your voting options:

The first option is a Halloween Theme. I will decorate this mug to the best of my ability and make it as spooky or creepy as possible, using only whatever items are present on the inside of this box. The mug will be painted and posted no later than October 31st thus making it apart of the Halloween Countdown!

The second option is a Christmas Theme. Once again I will decorate the mug to the best of my ability only this time making it look as jolly and ummm... whatever the Christmas opposite of "creepy" would be. Using only whatever presumably dried out and dead markers are inside of the box, the mug will be painted and posted no later than December 25th thus making it apart of the Christmas Countdown!

Those are your options, so please leave your two cents down below in the comment section. You do not have to register an account to comment (although accounts are free and pretty awesome!) you are more than welcome to leave an anonymous comment too.


  1. Kyle,

    Why not do both!?! One side for Halloween, and the other side for Christmas. You may have to drink with different hands to enjoy it, but it's a small price to pay for having both. If, however, you are bound and determined to have one or the other, I would vote for Halloween. Hands down.

  2. I'm moving to a place where people never get old. c: Great post!!!

  3. Karen: That is a fun idea! But I feel like I must stick with either one or the other. We will turn this mug into a Holliday one way or another! =)

    Minx: No need to move, just enjoy the "little" things in life and try not to get to caught up in being an adult 24/7. That's my motto, anyway. Glad you liked the post.


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