Halloween Oreo's Live!

Every Halloween and every Christmas certain products get released that tell us it is ok to start getting ready for the seasons. Since there inception in 1991, Halloween Oreo's have became one of the seasons defining yearly incarnations. It simply does not feel like Halloween until you spot a giant display of  Halloween Oreo's set up in stores. Just one short week before the month of October Halloween Oreo's have returned and they are just as awesome as ever!

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Coming in an identical package as last year these are by in large the same cookies I wrote about last season. The same package, with the same orange filling, and the same five shapes imprinted on the top of each cookie. But you know what that is alright. We love Oreo's for there consistency. If its not broken don't fix it and there is nothing to fix about Halloween Oreo's! The package they have came up with is one of the best seasonal packages you'll see throughout this Halloween Countdown. Unlike some other companies who release seasonal fall products, Nabisco is one of the few left who proudly and boldly display the word HALLOWEEN all over theirs. Combine that with the creepy looking haunted house off in the distance and the overpowering sight of that pumpkin and you've got the marks for one of the best seasonal products ever!