2011 Halloween Countdown!

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Quick update time! I would like to welcome all my new readers to the 2011 Halloween Countdown and thank everyone else who has stuck with me since the beginning. You guys have made the month of September the highest (page view wise) that I have had yet! So extra special thanks to everyone for checking the website out and for helping to spread the word. I assure you I have lots of awesome content in store for the month of October, including three of the best pieces I have ever wrote. To say I am excited about the October content and moving forward with future pieces is an understatement.

Some small website issues have been corrected. I extended the length of the blog so that I could increase the photo size to almost triple of what they previously where. Speaking of photos,  I've also been working really hard on trying to take some far more interesting ones, including adding some much needed text and themed boarders. You can also now click on each image to see an even larger version of it. I know photos are an important part of every website and I am pleased to finally bring them to the forefront of this one.

After much deliberation I have decided to do away with Friday's "Halloween Horror Recommendation" articles. I had previously planned to update every Friday from the beginning of September through October 31st with a new horror movie review. While they are fun (and relatively easy to write, since I have spent years prior writing for a horror movie website doing the exact same thing) they were just not getting the page views that I had hoped for. For those of you who did enjoy them, fear not as I will not quit covering horror movies in October. Instead of them being posted every Friday, it will simply be updated periodically throughout the month. I just hate to spend so much time writing articles that ultimately not that many people read, when I can instead focus on improving the quality of those that do get more attention. Quality over quantity!

For my new readers who have came over from Cryptkeepers 2011 Countdown to Halloween website, welcome and I hope your stay is as spooky as possible. This is the first year I have done a big "themed" countdown but I think you will find the content to be on par with any other Halloween website! Unlike other Halloween Countdowns, I run mine for two full months (and then into part of November) so if you are just now finding your way to The Astro Lounge here is a recap of everything covered thus far!
Also if you scroll down towards the bottom of the website you will see something called The Halloween Jukebox. Here you will find just shy of 100 different musical tracks that are guaranteed to get you into the Halloween spirit. This playlist makes for a great complement to go along with the Halloween Countdown and I have made sure to add a little bit of something for everyone in there. So please check it out, if you have not already. Otherwise, stay tuned because the 2011 Halloween Countdown is only just beginning! Stay Spooky everyone! ~Kyle