Lego Mini Figure Reviews #1

Lego Mini Figures are individually packaged Lego Figures sold in sealed mystery bags. Each series has sixteen figures and there are currently five sets of figures that have been released. Lego Mini Figure Reviews is an ongoing series in which we will take a look at some of the best (and worst!) figures that I own!

Series Four Figure One is The Artist! One of my personal favorite Lego figures that I own, I absolutely love the attention to detail given to this little guy. From the speckles of paint on his pants and shirt to the included easel and paintbrush all the way up to his little french beret hat. This makes for a very cool figure but what pushes The Artist over the top, though, is the expression on his face. Love the deadpan look with the raised eyebrow. All of this comes together to form a unique, interesting looking character. A theme that runs throughout pretty much every single one of these Lego Mini Figures. The Artist is a great inclusion to any collectors set and a great way to start off this series!