Happy Memorial Day!

Quick update time. I wanted to take a brief minute to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a fantastic three day weekend! Get outside and take this opportunity to fire up the old BBQ grill, cook some hamburgers, and make a pitcher of Kool-Aid. The beautiful thing about Memorial Day Weekend is that it comes early enough in the year that Summer is not quite yet in full force, meaning the weather is actually tolerable outside.  In case anyone is wondering, I have no major plans in store for this weekend. As a matter of fact I worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday normal hours at the theater. I am off on Monday, but that is my normal day off from work, so it doesn't really feel very holiday like. I do plan on getting some shopping done either Monday or Tuesday as most stores run some sort of oddball Memorial Day specials. It's never anything that spectacular but you never know when you'll run into the next great bizarre item of the Summer Season.

Speaking of shopping, I was at the grocery store the other day and seen the first gigantic display for the 4th of July. You guys have no idea how close this article was to becoming a dual purpose Memorial Day / Fireworks post. However its not even technically June yet and if there is one thing I have learned from celebrating the real holidays at the end of the year, it's that if you start anything too soon you'll burn yourself out too quick. Besides, in the grander scheme of things Independence Day is not one of my favorite holidays to either write about or celebrate. I only really enjoy the festivities from the first of the month to about midway through July 4th. By the time the final displays of fireworks are being lit off I am pretty much read for the entire fiasco to be over. Long story short, I am planning on doing some firework / July related posts but don't expect much more than a wink and a nod towards the holiday.

One last thought, I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting the website here recently. My page views have really started to take off from when I first started writing. I always wanted this place to be what it is now (and what it will be in the coming months!) and it pleases me to see a little audience starting to grow. So thank you to everyone whose been checking it out and thank you for sticking around for future articles! I promise you that I have some ultra cool stuff in store, especially in the latter half of the year! Finally, please remember to help spread the word anyway you can. If you like an article that I've wrote, link to it on facebook... send it out via twitter, let your friends know over AIM. The more this place grows, the easier it is to pump out the kind of material that I know everyone enjoys reading and I enjoy writing. So thanks everyone and have a happy and safe Memorial Day!