Happy Friday the 13th!

I wanted to make a really quick post to wish everyone a Happy Friday the 13th! Hopefully everyone manages to watch at least one of the classic "Friday the 13th" films tonight. If you do not, I'm pretty sure Jason will have no problem tracking you down, beating in the front door and driving a machete deep into your forehead. That's kind of his thing, you know.

Speaking of machete's and foreheads, I would like to bring this opportunity to draw everyone's attention over to the right hand side of the page. You see those countdown clocks? Yep... we're officially counting down the days to Halloween 20011 and Christmas 2011! I originally contemplated a Thanksgiving clock but let's face it... Thanksgiving is basically a beta version of Christmas and nobody really counts down the days until the Detroit Lions makes an ass of themselves in public form.

But I digress... we are not here to talk about those other Holidays. Today is "Friday the 13th" a day which belongs to Jason Voorhees. So let's pay tribute to him as best we can and take a quick look at my favorite kill from the entire run of "Friday the 13th" films, the liquid nitrogen kill from Jason X!


There is some sort of weird irony involved  in having my favorite Jason kill take place in what is probably my least favorite "Friday" flick. Jason X was a horrible movie and this is coming from a guy who genuinely enjoyed that one Leprechaun film that also took place in outer-space. But never the less, here is Jason doing what he does best, smashing peoples faces violently into things. Thankfully this was early enough in the film that Jason had not turned into future cyborg space Jason... thus making it actually still possible to view him as a viable threat and not laugh at him for looking like a moron with a goofy metal hockey mask

Freddy vs. Jason  I really don't want to keep harping on Jason X but have you guys ever seen the movie "Godzilla: Final Wars"? Remember the scene where the real Godzilla just completely decimates and destroys his CGI counterpart from the 1998 American Godzilla film. I have always envisioned a scene like that in which Cyborg Space Jason meets up with classic 1980's Jason and classic Jason just machetes his head off and kicks him in a ditch, with little to no effort. That is how much I hate Jason X. Back to the scene though, it works because it's still classic Jason, complete with classic Jason brutality. It's also memorable. I don't think I've seen a kill like this in any other horror movie. It's definitely one of those things that sticks with you. Which for a movie as bad as Jason X.. is one hell of an accomplishment. The "liquid nitrogen kill" from Jason X has somehow managed to stand out far and above the other hundreds of kills that Jason Voorhees has done over the years. So I applaud you for this one Jason X. Now let's go back to never speaking of that film again.


Before I finish off this post... I feel like it would be a crime not to bring up the Sleeping Bag kill from "Friday the 13th: Part 7". Earlier I mentioned  how classic Jason had a sort of brutality about him that later incarnations of the character seemed to lack. Just take a look at this scene. Jason does not need cyborg arms or other bullshit gimmicks to make him interesting. Just give him a chick in a sleeping bag and a tree. The results? All kinds of awesome.

All in all, I'm kind of glad that "Friday the 13th" landed in May this year. It's exactly the kind of pick me up I needed. The perfect reminder that Halloween is coming and will be here sooner rather than later. Besides, I'll take any excuse I can to watch these old movies! Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Stay spooky!


  1. Jason X was horrible, but that scene is definitely all kinds of awesome! Part IX was bad as well. I thought the remake was good, and they even paid tribute to the sleeping bag kill you mentioned from Part VII. I had to play a gig Friday night after work, so I was not able to watch a F13 flick. :( But no worries, the next one falls in January 2012.

  2. I liked the remake, it was nice seeing a more "human" version of Jason again. I always thought the creepiest version of him was in part 2 when he walked around with the potato sack over his head. Don't get me wrong, the later unstoppable versions of Jason were awesome... but sort of played out at this point.


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