Happy (late!) Halloween!

I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a late Happy Halloween! I realize that its November 3rd and that almost every store has gotten rid of there Halloween merchandise but that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to give the season up! As a matter of fact... I still have some very October-ish related stuff that I'm gonna be posting.

This is my 2010 Yard Haunt photos (and video) set to some White Zombie music! It's a whole bunch of work for only a couple hours of kids coming through... but its a lot of fun and I know that its something they'll enjoy for years to come. Plus how many other houses can say that at one point they actually had a line of kids going down the sidewalk to come to there house? Not many!

So let's enjoy this first week or so here in November and celebrate whats left of the Halloween season. Because sooner (that you'd think) we're gonna be in full on Christmas mode!