Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Depression and Call of Duty

It should be obvious to anyone who reads the stuff that I write that I enjoy the Holiday seasons. I love Halloween and while I enjoy Christmas I don't quite have the same level of enthusiasm for Santa Clause that I have for The Great Pumpkin. On this November 16th of 2010 I made a trip to the store and finally realized that every square inch of Halloween has been removed and Christmas is in full swing. The first time this happens is always really sort of depressing. I mean not real depression or anything... but its totally enough to make you feel sad.

Its an odd feeling. Spending so much time and effort all year long on making Halloween the absolute best it can be that when its over with you sort of have to sit back and ask yourself "alright now what did I do before all this mayhem?"

Thankfully, though, there are certain cures for this post Halloween depression. Namely "Costume Quest" for the PSN/XBL. This game is fantastic and a great way to really feel the season and spirit of Halloween. Even though I just recently hit 100% in this game, meaning that I've finished literally everything the game has to offer. I'll probably hit it up for a second play through here in a couple of weeks.

Another great quick fix, and one of my favorite Halloween related stores, Fright Catalog is a great year round Halloween resource. It sort of sucks immediately after the Holiday they're pretty much sold out of everything. Ironically enough, come Christmas time they'll start to re-stock everything and close to New Years you'll slowly start to see the "New For 2011" products.

I also wanted to really quickly mention that I picked up the latest Call of Duty for the Playstation 3. Wow. I've been missing out. In my stubbornness to accept its success (because anything that popular must suck, right?) ... hell I was wrong. Its awesome. Haven't tried the multiplayer yet but the single player is good fun. Early on there was a scene that had you on a motorcycle shooting a shotgun. Doesn't get much better then that!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tis The Season (For Christmas Tree Cakes)

 I was at the grocery store the other day wandering through the isles, mostly looking for some kind of interesting Halloween themed product that I might have missed in October. When out of the corner of my eye I spotted something oh so much more pleasant... Christmas Tree Cakes!

Christmas Tree Cakes and Halloween Milk?

Deep down we all know that out of the "Big Three" Holidays... Halloween is sort of the bastard child of the bunch. Sure, most companies are maybe willing to put a couple of black bats and a pumpkin or two on the packaging (and with the exception of Halloween Oreo's) most really don't have that many Halloween themed products. Christmas, on the other hand, gets all kinds of exclusive products. I wrote about Cranberry Splash a couple of days ago but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The really cool stuff is just now starting to hit the store shelves.

Christmas Tree Cakes. Christmas Tree Cakes. Words cannot describe my love for Christmas Tree Cakes. You know that war in the middle east? It's because these things are only sold for a couple of months at the end of the year. Seriously! It's part of the charm of the season, knowing that you had better buy the fuck out of them right now because come February you'll be shit out of luck if you want to eat a pint sized piece of cake shaped like a tree. I've never really payed close enough attention  to know if Little Debbie sells similar products year round. But honestly... fuck that I'm not here to write about  March's generic non-tree shaped cake equivalent. I want the Christmas kind. With Santa's Jolly Red Ass on the front the free Holiday tags on the back. I also found Halloween themed chocolate milk.

Yes. That is in fact a pumpkin drinking milk through a straw.

Yes. You read that right. Halloween. Themed. Milk. Who knew that such a product even existed? I find it hard to believe that I went the entire month of October and failed to find it earlier. Never has so much awesome come together on one single package. We have cats. We have bats. We have a pumpkin. We have the word "Boolicious".  We have Halloween flavored Chocolate Milk! For those of you wondering what exactly Halloween Flavored Chocolate Milk tastes like... no it doesn't taste like candy corn, it's just a regular half gallon of chocolate milk. Milk is milk... but ones with pumpkins on the front are heaven.

I'm tempted to keep the jug of milk. Not full... mind you. Not even I could justify keeping a half gallon of chocolate milk past the expiration date simply because of its sticker... but keeping an empty half gallon of Halloween themed Chocolate Milk. Maybe. Time will tell. Usually things that end in the "I can't possibly throw this away" pile are reserved for limited edition packages with Spider-Man on the front cover or hear today gone tomorrow flavors of soda. That pile is starting to get awfully large. Some day I'll write about said pile.

In the mean time, while I figure out of this jug of milk is really worth saving... I suggest you guys head out to the store and pick up some Christmas Tree Cakes. I promise I'll stop writing about food here shortly too. 8-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy (late!) Halloween!

I just wanted to take this time to wish everyone a late Happy Halloween! I realize that its November 3rd and that almost every store has gotten rid of there Halloween merchandise but that doesn't mean that the rest of us have to give the season up! As a matter of fact... I still have some very October-ish related stuff that I'm gonna be posting.

This is my 2010 Yard Haunt photos (and video) set to some White Zombie music! It's a whole bunch of work for only a couple hours of kids coming through... but its a lot of fun and I know that its something they'll enjoy for years to come. Plus how many other houses can say that at one point they actually had a line of kids going down the sidewalk to come to there house? Not many!

So let's enjoy this first week or so here in November and celebrate whats left of the Halloween season. Because sooner (that you'd think) we're gonna be in full on Christmas mode!