The Return of Cranberry Splash and Halloween Oreos

 Its funny how these things work out... just a couple of days after I make a post about how the end of October always feels like an odd blend of the Halloween and Christmas seasons... we get the return of Cranberry Splash! The holiday flavor of Siera Mist that typically goes on sale at the beginning of November through the New Years.


The package has gone through a bit of an overhaul. Embracing the Christmas Spirit through and through they have forgone the "classic" green package and went for an all white attire. The berries have been arranged in a way that they resemble bulbs hanging from a tree. These are all welcome changes and they really do help to push Cranberry Splash from simply being a drink sold around Christmas time to a Christmas Flavored Drink. Its all about the little details. Packaging aside, the taste of Cranberry Splash remains completely unaltered. If you've never given this version of Siera Mist a shot you definitely owe it to yourself to go to the store and pick some up. Remember you've only got a couple of months to enjoy Cranberry Splash before its gone until next year!


Changing gears from Christmas flavored soda we have Halloween Themed Oreo Cookies! Now I don't know about you guys but I look forward to these babies each and every year. While the flavor doesn't actually change (but really... who would want an altered flavored Oreo???) the packaging gets a complete overhaul as well as the cookies themselves. The normally white filling gets converted to orange and the cookie tops now sport up to five different ghostly images! You guys know the routine, these cookies aren't really anything new but that still doesn't stop them from being flat out awesome! Who can really resist a package with a gigantic pumpkin and that awesome Haunted House in the top right corner? Not me!