Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Pumpkin! .... and The Christmas Pumpkin!


Quick update! This is my pumpkin that I carved for this year. Before you ask... I have no idea how the background of that photo turned out blue like that. Trust me, I couldn't do that again if I tried. I'm sort of "meh" on this years Halloween Pumpkin. While I enjoy the nose, I think the eyes could have been done a little bit better and that nose needed to be smaller. I drew it smaller but when I cut it out it ended up larger than what I wanted. I have another pumpkin but I'm saving  that one for Christmas. It's a tradition. Here take a look at a couple of my years past designs!


This was the first year of The Christmas Pumpkin! It's a funny sort of thing. I didn't set out to make a tradition out of this. As a matter of fact this pumpkin wasn't even one of mine. I found it in the front lawn about a week into November. I'm assuming some kids stole and tried to smash it but for some reason it didn't break and ended up in my lawn. Sort of as a joke, I picked it up and put it on the front deck half expecting it to rot out. Only pretty soon it was Thanksgiving and the pumpkin still lived. As a matter of fact, it was fine. It was at this point that I realized if it hadn't started to decay by now... it would probably make it into the month of December. So I kept it outside on the front deck and pretty soon.... it was December 20th and that damn pumpkin was still alive. Not only that but I was the only house in town who still had a fresh Halloween Pumpkin. Since it was a small one, I decided not to carve it but instead write "Merry Christmas" across its front and it set under that tree until New Year when it finally developed a soft spot and started to leak stuff out on the floor. So I put it out on the back deck, in the cold and snow and the damn thing slowly started to rot and ended up lasting like midway through January!


The following year a full on tradition was born and I decided to save one of my own pumpkins. A large one that could be carved into a full on Jack O'Lantern on Christmas Eve! I quickly discovered a valuable lesson this year. If you plan on keeping a larger pumpkin you must keep it someplace cool. I simply put mine in the basement on the floor but if you happened to have space in an old deep freezer that would work even better.


As you can (sort of) see there is no point in having a Christmas Pumpkin if you're not going to share it with the world! After all you are the ONLY house in town with a freshly carved Halloween Pumpkin ... on Christmas Eve! So I always fix a green light and Santa Hat and put mine right outside front and center with the rest of the Christmas Lights. I get a lot of comments on it every year that I do it. I sort of wondered if people would think I was crazy but I do put on such a huge Halloween display every year I think people sort of expect to see a mix of both kinds of decorations at my house.

So make sure you guys save at least one pumpkin. Keep it someplace cool. And let's all carve one together on Christmas Eve. Especially if you have kids. It'll be something they'll talk about for years!

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  1. Why don't you try decorating it like the story, The Christmas Pumpkin?