Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guess what I just picked up...

So I totally just scored myself an old Panasonic 3DO! I got it really reasonable too! I absolutely cannot wait to get the thing hooked up to my TV set and sit down for some old school gaming fun. Now I've got to start tracking down some 3DO games, thankfully there is absolutely ZERO copyright protection on them... so finding ISO files online, I'm assuming, won't be that hard. It'll be a fun way to test stuff out without actually having to pay for it 8)

I'm thinking I'll definitely have to pick up Killing Time, Star Wars, Need for Speed, and Gex. There is some flying game that I've heard about that's supposed to be major badass. Also... hotdamn what was that fucking rip off Mortal Kombat game I seen on YouTube? Had music in it by White Zombie.. it was either for the 3DO or the Jaguar, damn! I don't remember.

Was there a Resident Evil port for the Sega Saturn? Or am I just fucking crazy? I seem to remember a Saturn port of that game floating around someplace...

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